Just before half term, I had the pleasure of attending the Chiltern Music Academy’s ‘Big Noise’. This musical event brought together primary school children and Year 7 secondary pupils who may or may not have previously had the opportunity to play a musical instrument. They are mixed with more experienced musicians from CMA and local schools like Wycombe High School and put on a concert from scratch in one day. It was a magnificent event and a delight to see so many young people gaining so much from music making. The joy was evident on their faces and the many, many skills they gained over and above playing an instrument were clear for all to see.  I was also delighted to see that Wycombe High School had by far the highest representation of musicians present both participating and supporting.

At the event I also had the pleasure of socialising with a number of very supportive Wycombe High School parents. Once we had discussed the wonderful music, one parent asked me for more information on what  Wycombe High School does to teach our students computing.  I was pleased to be able to share with her the very progressive and innovative approach we have to Computing; an approach that has resulted in Wycombe High School being asked to join the Education Committee of the British Computing Society.

Please see Mrs Cromie’s letter to parents, which will be sent out this afternoon, for more information.  Please also check out our latest Sports Bulletin, again more information in her full letter.

Headteacher's Letter to Parents November 2019

Sharon Cromie, Headteacher