Today we say farewell to our Year 13 students and reflect on their time with us. Over recent weeks, Year 13 students have shared the following comments:

‘Wycombe High has made me who I am today’

‘The teachers are the source of warmth and friendliness that Wycombe High exudes and I cannot thank them enough, not only for their teaching skills, but, most importantly, for the care they have for their students’’

‘I honestly believe that it was a wonderful decision to choose Wycombe High School. The teachers, my friends and the atmosphere here have helped shape me into the young woman I am today’

‘I have evolved so much throughout my time here…I have gained so much confidence. I have done things that I never thought I would have the guts to do. I have taken risks; sometimes they turned out amazingly and other times they did not, but I was still able to move on when they didn’t go as planned. I can safely say that Wycombe High School helped me to develop into a better version of myself and, although I still have a way to go, I feel ready to move on from here and see where the world will take me’.

These words, these feelings, more than any examination results demonstrate what a great education is all about. At Wycombe High School we believe our students can be whatever they want to be; we simply help them along the way. And when they leave us academically well qualified with strong core values, considerate of others, independent and enquiring, with a high level of personal and cultural awareness, and a global perspective, we stand tall and are delighted to have played our part. 

Year 13 the pleasure has been all ours. You are magnificent and we have loved having you. It is now time to fly from the nest, and spread your wings. We are very #WycHighProud of you!

Sharon Cromie, Headteacher