It has been my pleasure this week to make virtual visits to lessons in #WycHighVirtual School. I have very much enjoyed listening to the students, hearing their contributions and seeing the work they are producing.  I have been particularly delighted to see vertical tutoring groups up and running. This week in Tutor Time students have had a catch up / social session, a show and tell activity, undertaken digital learning or careers related activities, attended an assembly and explored and debated changes to UK Law and policy due to Brexit.

I was also delighted to attend the inaugural broadcast of High Notes on Wednesday night past, to support our musicians performing via Zoom. High Notes is a wonderful way of allowing our students to perform live in front of an audience, despite the new restrictions. Friends, family and staff were able to enjoy the shows from the safety of their own homes. The next broadcast is at 7.00pm Wednesday 20 January.

Tonight at 7.00 pm, our weekly interactive Quiz called High-Q is taking place. High Q provides a bit of fun for students to get together and stay connected - and this week we are delighted to welcome Gabby Logan as our host. We are very grateful to Gabby, who has taken time out of her busy schedule to support us. 

We were delighted and grateful to the parent who contacted the Bucks Free Press with this article: Click here

Achieving what we do in these times, is only possible because of a strong home-school partnership, wonderful students and parents.  This challenging time will pass and brighter times will soon be with us. Remember Robert Frost’s words, ‘the only way out is through’. Together we will move forwards; one community, one family, always looking beyond.  

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Sharon Cromie, Headteacher