This week the UK Government introduced new local COVID-19 alert levels: Tier 1 - medium, Tier 2 - high and Tier 3 - very high.  Liverpool was categorised as Tier 3 earlier this week and from Saturday 17 October London and a number of other areas in England will be classified as Tier 2. You can read the full detail about the local COVID alert levels on the government’s website by clicking on this highlighted text. 

Whilst the number of Buckinghamshire cases are still lower than in some other parts of England, none of us can be complacent and it remains essential that the #WycHighCommunity continues to pull together and rigorously follow our Re-Opening procedures. Your support since March in embracing the many COVID-19 challenges has been superb. Thank you.

However, it is clear that the United Kingdom still faces many COVID-19 challenges and this increases the risk of further disruption to education. This ever-shifting landscape is unsettling for us all and there may yet be further changes or announcements. Therefore, it is crucially important we remain calm and remember, as we did during lockdown, the words of Robert Frost, “The best way out is always through”.  

The best advice we can currently offer every student is to keep working methodically and steadily, remain up to date with her work and give every subject her best.  In this way students will not simply work through, they will shine through and continue to develop the knowledge and skills needed for their next stage of education. 

The #WycHighCommunity will manage any challenge or opportunity that is presented and every staff member is here to support. Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and well.

Sharon Cromie, Headteacher