On Wednesday 16 October we marked Restart a Heart Day, by welcoming the South Central Ambulance (SCA) Charity and the South Central Ambulance (SCA) Service NHS Trust to Wycombe High School.  A fabulous team of paramedics and trained first aiders trained 509 Wycombe High students in CPR.  The Scheme Co-ordinator from South Central Ambulance Charity said of the day ‘Managing to get up to 509 pupils trained is absolutely amazing and a great achievement.  Your pupils are a credit to your school and many of them were performing some great CPR, a reflection I feel on the importance that Wycombe High School, and your First Aid Lead, Miss Tash Saint-Smith, have been putting into the provision of training as a matter of course for your students’. Our sincere thanks and admiration are mirrored back to the wonderful team at SCA.

This initiative complements the WHS First Aid programme, led by Miss Saint Smith and the P.E Team, which has been part of our PSHEE provision since 2013, ensuring every WHS student is taught how to administer basic first aid and save lives.  Wycombe High really does look beyond. We are delighted that the government is now recognising the importance of work like ours and making First Aid a part of the national and compulsory PSHEE curriculum from September 2020.

First Aid is only one part of our extensive PSHEE provision at Wycombe High School. The PSHEE programme is carefully designed and revisited every year to ensure it is meeting the needs of our students in an age appropriate way. It addresses the issues that their age group faces, and highlights local, national and international concerns. Our PSHEE curriculum is crafted not only meet statutory requirements but to ensure our students can master the essential character skills which will equip them with the confidence and knowledge to deal with any situation they may encounter both in and out of school. Key topics covered, include for example, internet safety, all aspects of relationships including sex education, puberty, FGM, personal safety and resilience, all aspects of mental health including stress, risk awareness with regards to drugs and alcohol, knife crime, gender stereotypes, guidance in planning their future pathways, LGBT+, RSE,  travel safety – both in a car and during a holiday, leaving school and moving on, aspects of finance including identity theft and money mules, managing unhealthy relationships, sexual and other bullying, County Lines and radicalisation. This is in addition to our equally important charity work and the important skills we gain from that.

Today is ‘Wear it Pink’ Day, an important part of our school calendar that enables us to pause and give thought to all those affected by cancer. Our Sixth Formers organise this and other charity events as part of their CASE Service. CASE requires each Sixth Form to demonstrate 50 hours of active engagement in each of the following:

  • Creativity
  • Action
  • Service
  • Employability

This programme sees our Sixth Formers taking part in activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, sport, performing and visual arts, volunteering, coding, work experience, employment, and charity work. At a time when Year 13 are completing their UCAS or apprenticeship applications the CASE programme enhances their academic profile by highlighting their leadership and citizenship skills. It is a programme that really broadens their horizons and prepares them prepare for their next adventure post school.

In a nutshell, our students understand that PSHEE underpins everything we do at WHS, from being safe, to being part of an extra-curricular team to helping the school move towards being plastic free. They will truly learn to be positive citizens within our own community and the wider global one. I am very grateful to our PSHEE, Subject Leader, Mrs Lesley Woodward for all she does.

Please remember that School finishes on Friday 25 October at normal time for the half term break. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sharon Cromie, Headteacher