Wycombe High School was designated in July 2014 as one of only 34 Maths Hubs in England. This is an extremely prestigious achievement for us and one that that has seen us lead many exciting new initiatives over this last year and be able to expand our mathematics teaching team as a consequence.

We have hosted or led focus days for mathematics in partnership with the Further Maths Support Programme, The Royal Institution and the Maths Association; we have delivered training sessions for primary colleagues, run conferences for girls in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering in conjunction with other girls’ schools nationally and sent teachers from primary schools to China to learn about mathematics mastery.

All of this is only possible because of the calibre of our Mathematics department, supported whole school by other teachers.

We have a large and growing mathematics team. They are all mathematics specialists with high level degrees from a range of impressive universities. They support approx. 200 girls per annum to study mathematics to AS or A level in our school: this is remarkable and quite unusual in an era when many young people, particularly girls do not engage with mathematics beyond GCSE.

It is of even more significance when one realises that our girls study mathematics often alongside the Arts, as well as with the more traditional option of Sciences.

The girls are the greatest testament to the work of the school, being avid and engaged learners who are ambitious for the future but show care and consideration for others.

Report 2014, Exceptional Schools Award