All those who study, work or send their children to our school are part of this community and are role models for our ethos. We provide an environment in which each member of our community can live and learn.

Fortiter: Courageously

Each student is encouraged to embrace our core values of honesty, respect and hard work. She will be encouraged to speak out against all injustice, supported to take risks, and not be afraid of failure. She will learn new subjects and skills. She will push herself to her personal limits and beyond. She will be encouraged to listen to the opinions of others, as well as to give them. She will accept responsibility for herself and other students. She will lead the school in partnership with staff and the governing body. She will become increasingly independent and innovative in thought and action. 

Fideliter: Faithfully

Every student will be expected to uphold our school rules and traditions. She will act with integrity and be truthful and honest in all she does. She will keep promises and be reliable. She will work hard to achieve her full potential. Above all she will be a good friend, a good neighbour and a good citizen. She will contribute positively to school life and society.

Feliciter: Joyfully

All our students contribute to making our school the happy and joyful place it is. Each student demonstrates mutual respect and empathy for all; is proud of her own achievements and those of others. She shows commitment to a fair and peaceful community and embraces diversity. Our students are happy and positive in approach; and support others to do the same.

There is a clear commitment to the development of the whole child and the school provides outstanding opportunities for the students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. A significant strength of the the school is the high quality of pastoral care.

Ofsted, June 2012