Wycombe High School was first opened in September 1901 when there were only 18 fee paying students and 3 staff.

Miss Mary Christie M.A. was the first headteacher. The School was first housed in a building known today as Clock House in Frogmoor, High Wycombe. The building still stands today.

The school moved to Benjamin Road in 1906 where it remained for 50 years, except for a time during the First World War when it was evacuated to the old grammar school so that Benjamin Road buildings could be used as a military hospital. 

By 1922 the school had 300 pupils and was rapidly expanding. The school acquired its status as a Voluntary Controlled Girl's Grammar School in 1944. By 1956 the number of girls wishing to attend the school was so great that the school moved again to new premises that were built at the present site on Marlow Hill. 

In 1993, new buildings were added to allow for the extra 300 pupils and staff that arrived when Lady Verney High School joined with Wycombe High in 1993, with new Technology, Sport and Drama blocks. The most recent addition is the Wainwright Learning Centre, which was opened in 2006. This houses our well resourced library, conference facilities, the school archive and an Internet café.


was the year that Wycombe High School was founded