Biology Week comes to Wycombe High

Competitions, events, and amazing prizes. This year’s Biology Week is setting up to be a showstopper!

Biology underpins everything we are and know. From medicine to technology, it’s influence can be found everywhere you look. Biology week celebrates the biosciences and their limitless importance in our lives.

Wycombe High is already getting into the full swing of things with the annual Biology Poster Competitions. The competition involves making an A3 themed poster (electronically) which will then be judged by the Science Department. There are a host of categories which are open to biologists of all ages, allowing everyone to get involved. This year, the themes include all the major hot topics which are currently being debated in the Biology world. The topics cover gene editing, extra-terrestrial life and climate change, just to name a few. The deadline is 11th October so, if you haven’t already, now is a great time to get started!

The University of Gloucestershire Biosciences Essay competition for sixth formers is a fantastic way to get involved in Biology Week. The university is offering £1000 to the author of the best essay which explores the question ‘How Biology can save the world’. For Biologists in Year 12 and 13, this is not only a great opportunity to put your knowledge to the test but also an excellent addition to personal statements. Outside of school, there are a numerous more ways to enjoy Biology Week. The Royal Biology Society offers dozens of events and competitions that celebrate biosciences. 

Mr Crocker (who is running Biology Week this year) is an avid fan of Biology, having gained a Biology degree before becoming a Physics teacher. When asked why Biology was important, he responded with the following answer: “Biology is about everything living around us and everything that sustains us in life. Biology makes us and our beliefs. It affects everything about you, whether you think it is mother nature or something else, it touches your life like no other science.”  Mr Crocker sees the current Coronavirus crisis as potential trigger for positive change in the world. “In response to Covid-19, now is the chance for us to change our ways and help our planet to support us. I hope that, because of Biology, we will build a better and kinder world that will last for many generations to come.”

In the upcoming week, get involved in the biology themed competitions and spread the Biology spirit!

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