WHS girls see if carbon capture can defeat global warming

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C-Capture inspires WHS girls to Save the Planet at the STEM Society talk

The STEM Society had a talk on carbon capture technology. It can’t have escaped you notice that there has been much in the media recently about global warming. This is a problem that our generation needs to face. The WHS students can be at the forefront of the battle against global warming. It was announced this week in the press that it is no longer enough just to switch to green technologies. We have do actually take carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. C Capture has teamed up with the DRAX PowerStation to work on making the PowerStation carbon negative. Rose McCarthy and Fatima Bilal both graduated earlier this year. Even though they have just graduated both have been extremely hands on in the project they have been working on. It really helps if you feel the job you are doing is worthwhile. What could be better than having a role in saving all of humankind and the planet. Who says that scientists and engineers are not superheroes!. One Yr. 7 student who attended the talk said “I see how science can save the planet” and “I want to be a chemical engineer now as well as an actress.”

The speakers said “If you like science now then don’t be put off in doing it in the future.” Other messages were: “Science and engineering – they’re great!” and “Nothing can stop you.” The main message of the talk, apart from saving the planet, was that “You don’t need to be the best (it helps!) – you just need to be committed.” They said that the best advice they could give to a younger version of themselves is to “work hard”. They said “The possibilities are endless –with a career in STEM you can go anywhere and do anything!”

We are all now going to keep an eager eye on where this new carbon capture technology can lead. It should be rolled out and part of the UKs environmental commitment over the next 5-10 years.

They recommended the following choices if you wished to follow their career paths:


  • Essential – Chemistry
  • Useful – Maths, Physics and English


  • Essential – Maths and Physics
  • Useful – Chemistry, English

Watch this space for information about other talks that have and will be hosed by the WHS STEM society.

Are you involved in working in a STEAM industry? Would you be willing to give some time to provide a talk? If interested you can contact Mr Crocker at WHS jcrocker@whs.buck.sch.uk or you can register as a STEM ambassador through https://www.stem.org.uk/stem-ambassadors/join-stem-ambassador-programme

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