Year 8 Technology Taster Day - Student Report

Y8 Technology

Year 8 students experience a taste of technology!

On the 4 January, Year 8 experienced a taster day for Design and Technology. We all submitted a form to Miss Morgan, who is our Head of Year. After that we were allocated either Graphics, Textiles or Food Technology. We were off timetable for the entire day and it was challenging but a lot of fun!

In Graphics, we had to design and make a hand-held ball game. We also had to design the packaging for it. In Textiles, we had to create a sock animal, out of old socks. The designs were very creative! Finally, in Food, we had to bake cookies and compete against other teams to find the overall winning recipe.

My favourite part of the day was when we all revealed what we had made, in Graphics, Textiles and Food. The winners for the hand-held ball games were:

1st place- Lyra Austen 4

2nd place- Holly Curie 5

3rd place- Maisie Pankhurst 7

I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of all of Year 8 to Mr Nevard, Mrs Dhillon, Miss Morgan and all of the Sixth Formers who helped out as well.

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