Band Night 13 February 2019

Music All Years

The Band Night of 2019 was the best of its kind. Within one Wednesday evening a variety of bands performed, including a range of ages and musical genres.

The atmosphere of the evening was compiled from nervous girls performing excellently, one somewhat over enthusiastic Mr Davie and a collection of parents reluctant to dance.

Each band performed at least two songs each, and very well I might add. The music ranged from eighties classics, to modern pop, to classic rock. I was glad to see the spectrum of music being performed, as it really showed off the talent Wycombe High School Girls (and one John Hamden boy) posses.

It was a pleasant surprise to witness both young and older students perform as well as the teacher band made from Mr Kidd, Ms Rogers, Mr Davie and my personal favourite Mr Walpole on the keyboard. A highlight of the evening must be when, maybe towards the end of the night when everyone had relaxed a little, all the performers gathered together to watch and sing along to the final bands play. All the previous tensions had appeared to melt away and the purpose of Band Night really was achieved: to have a bit of fun.

By Lois Thomas, Year 10, Nightingale Nine

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