RS GCSE Trip to Oxford

Religious Studies Y10

On the 25 of February two religious study GCSE classes went to Oxford to deepen our understanding of two different religions by talking to those that practice these religions in their daily life.

The day began with a trip to the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies where we were given a tour by a Muslim teacher there. She was a cheerful woman who had a deep knowledge of Islam having been a Muslim for more than 15 years who taught us from her perspective more about Islamic studies and Islamic practices. We saw a tapestry which covered the Kaaba in Mecca before being sent to the Centre which she was proud to show us. We were able to visit the mosque on the grounds and learn about their approach to prayer which was very thought-provoking.

Later in the morning, we visited an old Catholic church called St. Aloysius Catholic Church and were able to discuss some more controversial topics including that of the LGBTQ+ community and abortion with a devoted Catholic woman. Before leaving we also were shown many of the fascinating statues and pieces of artwork around the church with links to the history of Catholicism.


Our last stop was to the Brasenose College where we were given a guided tour by several current students and they answer our questions regarding their day to day life as students. We all enjoyed the day and the personal insights into our hosts religious beliefs helped to further enrich our classroom discussions.

Mia Blackbourn, Year 10, Bronte 6

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