Former Student Profile: Dr Samara Majid, Class of 1996

Guild Science

We look forward to welcoming Samara back to school on Monday 25 March for the Year 12 & 13 Inspire and Career Talk.

I am so grateful to all the teachers at Lady Verney High School and Wycombe High School for all their hard work and dedication to getting me to where I am now.  I would like to say a big thank you to them all.

Lady Verney High School 1990 - 1993

Wycombe High School 1994 - 1996

The 2 schools merged in 1993.

What did you get up to at WHS in terms of study and extracurricular activities?

I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths (Pure and Statistics).

My signed green Science overall.

I won the first Aldridge Cup for Geography in 1994/1995.

I was the HR Rep for our Young Enterprise Group in Year 12 - we made and sold candles.

Young Enterprise Clipping

I got my first official ‘job’ whilst at WHS. I was a lab assistant so came in an hour early every morning to help refill/stock up the labs. I was forever spilling distilled water everywhere!

Do you have any fond memories you'd like to share?

The 20p KitKat machine in the Lady Verney canteen - your 20p was always getting stuck in the machine!  The Queen's visit to WHS in 1994 /1995 to open the Verney Building. I remember her coming into our Maths Classroom during her visit.  Using the internet for the first time in the school library when researching for information for my A-level Chemistry project (it was on Buckminsterfullerene).  We had to wear skirts with tops in 6th form - trousers were not allowed!

Record of achievement (no internet in those days!).

What did you do after school - Gap year, straight into business or onto university?

I went straight  to the University of Liverpool.  This was a completely random choice as I had one more place to complete on my UCAS form so chose Liverpool.  The first time I visited Liverpool was for my interview and the second time was to start university!

What are you up to now?  

I have a variety of roles:  I am a salaried GP with East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours where I work 2 days a week: 1 day in a GP surgery / Walk in Centre and 1 day from home doing telephone triage/admin.  I am also a Specialist Dr in Family Planning/Sexual Health at the Oxford Sexual Health Service which I do once a month.  Most importantly, I am a busy mum of 2 children aged (nearly) 4 and 2.

What do you know now that you wish you had known in Year 13?

Everything happens for a reason in life - do not have any regrets.  Trials and Failures shape a person.

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