Year 9 Model UN Conference

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Year 9 students attend the annual UN Conference

On Friday 26 April, ten Year 9 students and Mr Walpole left bright and early to travel to The Gateway, Aylesbury Vale District Council’s building for the final day of Model United Nations. The event is spread over a few months, and includes many schools from around Buckinghamshire (and some from France and Spain too!). On the first preparation day we were split into groups of two or three people from different schools and given a country to represent. We also had to write a profile and position paper from the point of view of our country.  The topic we were debating was: Addressing the conditions conducive to the spread of violent extremism.

The morning started with everyone taking their places in the council chamber and announcing their opening statements to the other delegates. All UN procedures had to be followed, including holding up your country flag if you wished to speak and using the correct terminology when addressing the Chair. Once opening statements had been read we were able to start debating, which quickly became heated, with most direct oppositions made to countries such as the USA and the Philippines due to their strong views on the death penalty. There was also a caucus, where a delegate from each country left the general assembly room and discussed terms with other nations in order to make alliances.

The second caucus of the day was a similar affair; however three resolutions were created to be voted on. The main sponsors of these resolutions were the USA, Australia and India, although Australia and India’s resolutions were very similar. Back in the general assembly, a delegate of each sponsoring nation read their resolution in order for them to be voted on. It became quite clear that it was the USA and their supporters vs everyone else. The final outcome was that Australia’s resolution won the votes of the general assembly. However, a humorous moment was shared during the voting when the USA first voted ‘no’ to their own resolution, then quickly realised they had made a mistake after gaining the sarcastic applause of the whole general assembly.

All in all it was a long but enjoyable day, and one of our very own Wycombe High School students won the ‘Driving Force’ award, well done Crystal!

Edie Vernol, Year 9, Bronte 5

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