National Schools Micromouse Competition 2019 1 June 2019 Birmingham City University.


On Saturday 1 June, 8 year 7 students from Wycombe High went to Birmingham City University for a micromouse robotics competition.

It was an amazing day and everyone really enjoyed it. All the participants were members of an after school club (which consisted of 11 pupils from year 7 and 8) and over the course of 4 months we each made our own robot mice from scratch with the help of Bernard Grabowski, the club leader.

It started with soldering circuit boards and components together and then fitting them onto the plastic bodies. Once completed, we had to make sure everything was working and fix the switches on. Then there were several weeks of testing and programming, where we changed our settings to fit the mouse's abilities and made sure that they were all running smoothly ready for the competition.  Each mouse was programmed to do 3 events: drag race, line follower and wall follower.

On the day of the competition everyone was really excited. Everyone had to be in Birmingham by 9 o'clock so it was an early start and a long journey! When we arrived, we were shown into a large hall, where the tracks for each event were set out for us to practice while we waited for everyone to arrive.

The first  event was the drag race, where we had to be the fastest mouse to do a short straight line track. Every event had about 20 or so people participating, but even so most of the WHS girls made it to the quarter-finals before  being knocked out. One of us, however, came 4th! An amazing achievement!

Next up was the line follower,  which again was to see which was the fastest mouse, only this time on a long circuit with lots of twists and turns in it. WHS got a 4th and a 5th place in this event! This event was good because we got to see lots of different shapes and sizes of mouse, rather than all the others where it was just the one type.

After that came the final event, the wall follower, whose aim was to get round the maze in the fastest possible time without crashing. This was probably the most difficult event, but even so one WHS girl took 1st place!

After this long and tiring day everyone who had completed a course got a medal, and most people came away with 2 or 3 medals to their name. Many thanks to Bernard for organising this event and to everyone who participated. Go team WHS!

A full list of results and official timings for all the WHS students can be found at

By Imogen, 7D Curie 2

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