Magistrates Mock Trial Competition

Y9 Educational Visit

On Saturday 9 March, 20 Year 9 girls headed down to Wycombe Magistrates Court, accompanied by Mrs Birkbeck and Mr Pike.

Our team was made up of six magistrates, four layers, four witnesses, an usher, a legal advisor, two court artists and two court reporters.  Each school participating in the competition included both a defense and prosecution team for the same court scenario.

This year’s case given to all schools was a moped mugging, where a young man was accused of stealing the phone of a lady standing at the bus stop. However, he claims his moped was stolen and it wasn’t him who committed the crime.

Before the competition took place, the girls involved got the opportunity to go down to Wycombe Magistrates Court and watch some real trials in action, from drink drivers to drug smugglers. This allowed the girls to see how a real trial is run and pick up some tips from real lawyers in action.

Leading up to the competition we got together every Tuesday lunch time from November to learn more about our roles, help each other practice and give arguments and differing opinions; to help make our prosecution and defense as strong as it can be.

Our first trial was our defense team against the Beaconsfield High’s prosecution team. Our lawyers argued really well, and the witnesses really embodied their character, meaning the magistrates decided our defense won that trial.

Our second trial was our prosecution team against John Hampden’s defense. Once again, our lawyers made strong arguments and witnesses acted exceptionally, but the defense team won this trial.

John Hampden won the overall competition; however, Jessica Santley-Dilley was awarded best Legal Advisor in the whole competition and received a trophy for her performance.

The court artists and court reporters sat at the back of the trials and had a two week deadline to get their pieces finished and handed in to be judged separately

The whole competition was a really enjoyable experience and allowed us to learn more about law and the profession within. It was a wonderful chance for us to learn and develop new skills that we could possibly use in the future.

By Paige Cawley - Year 9, Curie 6, News Crew

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