Wycombe High School Annual General Meeting 2019

Guild All Years

On Monday24 June we were joined by a number of former students and teachers, including former Maths teacher Miss Ann Cartland, former English and History teacher Miss Esme Harrison and former French teacher Miss Carole Merrett.

The group of past students and teachers were greeted at the front of the school by Suzie Clarke, Vice President of the Guild, and were escorted to the Forum for a delicious lunch including a lovely Victoria sponge cake decorated with a photo of the previous annual guild meeting. Over lunch, guests were able to discuss the events of the previous year and catch up. Later, Mrs Cromie joined us for a quick bite and to engage in conversation with the attendees.

After lunch, we moved down to the conference room in the Learning Centre to commence the annual meeting, led by Mrs Morgan and Mrs Cromie. Mrs Cromie discussed the events of the past year, giving an update on the school to the attendees, with contributions of ideas by the former students and staff, and further discussion of technology in the school. Then Mrs Morgan introduced the new Year 12 Heads of Guild and gave an update on Guild administration, membership, the Inspire & Career Talks and alumnae social media channels.  Jill Boyd also gave an update on the school archive, which she manages with the support of former student volunteers. After the meeting, the attendees stayed to admire the art on display in the library, and gave many compliments to the high levels of work achieved by the students.

Overall, the day was very enjoyable for everyone involved.  We would like to thank everyone who attended and hope to see more former students and staff at the next Guild event!

Kristen Bailey, Year 12, Austen 6 Head of Guild

Please follow this link for photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/wycombehighsch/albums/72157709275810338

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