Year 9 – Star Pack Award Ceremony

Y9 Technology

On Wednesday 26 June, 7 Year students travelled to ‘The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining’, National Awards ceremony.

Three of our talented Designers won a ‘Gold’ award for their design prototype - The brief; to design and make an item of packaging that would promote healthy eating in young children.

Students were tasked with researching the needs of the end user, a concept they will later carry out as part of their Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) for their GCSE. Once identified, students carried out a series of design and model tasks to construct a proposal that was not only fun and engaging, but also encouraged children to want to eat healthily.

Teachers were able to select their top choice of students work and send it for final judging. We were delighted to be informed that we had not only won an award, but we were also invited to the above ceremony, which was accompanied by an additional trip on the ‘London Eye’.

The ceremony was very formal and we felt privileged to be awarded such a prestigious award.

“It has inspired me to carry on designing and I am thinking of studying Product Design to A Level and beyond. Mrs Dhillon was so helpful during the project and I can’t wait to enter more competitions next year”.


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