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Art Drama

On the evening of Tuesday 25 June 2019, students, parents and teachers gathered at Wycombe High School to celebrate the artist excellence in the school.

We were lucky enough to be joined former student Lydia Brockless (Class of 2010) to help present the awards and share her inspirational story of perusing art outside of Wycombe High.


Mrs Cromie opened the evening by enlightening us all of the increasing growth and appreciation for the arts, and how Wycombe High are most definitely doing their part in keeping the love and talent alive and thriving.

The evening saw many talented students receive awards for half-colours bronze, silver and gold for Art, Drama and Music, where an incredible number of students across all years were awarded for their exceptional talent and efforts. Awards were also given for Full Colours, for those who had really gone the extra mile in their subject.

We also saw awards go out for Art Persons of the Year in each subject, with Alice Martin for Music, Kirsten Franks for Art and Ellen Furgeson for Drama. Many congratulations to these girls.

Throughout the evening we heard students talk about what the arts mean to them, with Kirsten Franks, Megan Lee and Sarah McHugh, all telling us why their subject is important and how it has impacted their life in such a positive way. Sarah and Megan talked about the amazing and lifelong friendships gained out of Drama and Music, and the connections they wouldn’t have otherwise made. In her speech about why Art is important to her, Kirsten Franks said that somebody is going to come along and be the next great musician or artist or actor and that “there is no reason that person cannot be you”.

We were also fortunate to have three amazing performances from our very own talent here at Wycombe High.

Alice Martin delivered a truly mind-blowing performance of 'The Girl in 14G’ where she showcased her outstanding vocal range and performance skills, entertaining and capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

Later, Hannah Franklin serenaded the audience with 'Sonata in G minor' on her oboe, proving to everyone that even uncommon and unique instruments can truly sound incredible.

We also got to see a short extract of 'Little Red Riding Hood' from the KS3 production of 'Grimm Tales' which had been on the previous week. The performance was fun, unique and enchanting, highlighting the talent of the Lower School.

To wrap up the evening our esteemed guest Lydia Brockless told us her journey of art in the working world and that we should always preserve in doing what we love, even when times are tough. She said: ‘just keep making’ and loving what you are doing. She opened our eyes to the fact that Art is everywhere and is a mirror to society, giving us insight into the present and clues about the past. She shared with us that for her, the reality of living as an artist is being influential and helping young people find what they love. Her talk truly inspired all the young talent in the room to keep reaching and working for their dreams.

After the event, Lydia Brockless said:

“I just also want to extend a thank you to all staff and students for welcoming me so warmly on Tuesday night.  Please pass on my best wishes to Mrs Cromie, Mrs Jarrett, Mrs Jonsmyth-Clarke, Mrs Woodward and the rest of the Art Department. I was so impressed by the performances, the speeches, and the work in the exhibition.  I am crossing my fingers for all the students on their results, I'm sure they'll be amazing!”

We are so lucky to have so much young and thriving talent here at Wycombe High and may the future years be even better than the present.

Paige Cawley, Year 9, Curie 6, News Crew

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