Year 9 STEMettes Hackathon Event


On Friday 5 July the final instalment of this year’s STEMettes Hackathon event saw the remaining 60 Year 9 students complete a full day of events.

The day included tutorials on the basics of coding, designing a theme and constructing a website to promote an event of their choice. The aim of the day was to teach the students the principles of HTML coding and allow to independently construct a fully functioning website that included hyperlinks, drop down menus, images and videos.

Students used Mozilla Thimble as their platform, and as mentioned HTML the language of choice. The theme was ‘music festivals’ to provide context for their page, and to provide some extra challenge, the w3schools website was utilised to provide CSS incorporation.

Students worked in pairs or small groups to develop their planning and communication skills as part of the training. Engagement levels were high and the ideas discussed and generated, very creative. The STEMettes team even commented to say “this group are working so well, they need to slow down!”

“I really enjoyed the day, I have never coded before but found it interesting and fun. The best part was seeing the finished website having worked on it for a few hours!” – Fleur Pedrette, Nightingale 2

Please follow this link for more photos from the day:

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