Year 9 Annual Street Fair

Y9 Charity

The Year 9 had their annual Street Fair on Monday 15 July to entertain the rest of the school in their lunch hour whilst raising as much money as possible for next year’s House Charities.

Activities ranged from different coloured slushies, photobooth fun, lucky dip, a taste of Mexico and a coconut shy amongst other things.

Year 9 showed great originality and teamwork with 9C Food being the best stall in raising £95.01 and 9A being the most successful learning group in raising £136.83.

All Year 9 raised £647.42 overall meaning each House charity in September starts with £108! Well done and thank you to Year 9 for all their efforts and prizes will be awarded in Year 10 in September.

Mrs Penny Robinson, Head of Austen, Hear of Year 9, History Teacher

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