Former Student Profile - Shobha Mahtey, Class of 1993

Guild STEM

We are looking forward to welcoming Shobha back to school Tuesday December 2019 for the Year 9 Inspire & Career Talk

What years did you attend WHS? 1987 - 1993

What did you get up to at WHS in terms of study and extracurricular activities?

Not being the sporty type, you would mostly find me in the Art room, working on my next masterpiece or studying hard in the library.  I was very studious at school.  Loving both the Sciences and Art.  Anything creative was my passion.  However I opted for Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A-level in favour of having a broader choice of subjects to choose from at University.


Do you have any fond memories you’d like to share?

Many fond memories of WHS.  Some of which include:

First day stood in assembly in oversized uniform, feeling overwhelmed at the size of the school and the number of students compared to my previous village school.

Awesome teachers who made the lessons great fun (shout out to Mr. Pickersgill, Mr. Kirk and Miss Edmonds).

Trips to many places with wonderful friends who I made over the years.

Last day leaving the school and thinking how much smaller and friendlier it appeared after six years.


What did you do after school? Gap year, straight into business or Uni.

I went on to study BSc Computer Science at Brunel University and pursue a career in IT.  I chose Brunel University because of it's great reputation for Engineering and Technology.  Having not done computing at school or indeed used computers much, this was an opportunity to study something completely different and cutting edge which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Little did I know what I would also meet my husband there! We now have a wonderful son who is in his final year of A-level and making that all important decision of what and where to study at Uni.

What are you up to now?

After graduating I joined the Graduate Scheme at a global IT company and have since worked for several large and small IT companies.  I also setup my own company and contracted too for a few years. Over my career I have had varied roles from Systems Engineer, Team Leader, Project Manager, Product Specialist, Business Analyst, Trainer, Sales Engineer and finally now working as a Sale Executive. 


What do you know now that you didn’t in Year 13 that you’d like to share with current students?

Don't let the thought of studying for another three to seven years put you off from going to University and pursuing a career you have a passion in.  If you don't have a passion and don't know what to study then choose something you enjoy or something completely different that interests you but you have not tried before (like I did).  You might just find your passion there.  Whatever you end up doing the learning won't end after three to seven years, you will be learning and enhancing your skills your whole career, therefore whatever you choose now won't define what you will be doing in 20 or 30 years time.  So just ensure you enjoy the ride and be brave enough to change the route if you don't.


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