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On the 10 October, eight alumnae returned to Wycombe High School to give an Inspire Talk about their lives since leaving school to the Year 7 students.

The hall was filled to the brim with eager Year 7s anxious to hear about life ‘in the real world’ first hand.  The talk was a great opportunity to connect current students to former ones and to give them an idea of what they can expect in the future.

This Inspire Talk welcomed back Sky Carberry Rogers, Maria Denny, Grace Hogg-Robinson, Jade Gould, Jill Meager, Eleanor Ralphs, Freya See and Emma Silver.  All of these alumae had gone down very different career paths, ranging from acting to politics to pharmaceuticals, so it was really a fantastic opportunity to show students what a vast range of options is open to them.

Jill Meager, class of 1974, currently works in politics and is an artist.   At school, Jill always had a love for Biology and the arts but was encouraged to do languages at A Level as she had a flair for linguistics.  From Wycombe High School, she left to study Modern Languages at Cambridge University where she was drawn to the acting community there.  After leaving university, she went on to become an actor then study fine art at Putney School of Art and Design.  Currently she works in politics, writing speeches for Labour politicians including Emma Reynolds.

Jade Gould, class of 2012, studied Fashion Marketing and Branding at Nottingham Trent University.  She now works as a digital campaign manager for a marketing agency.

Eleanor Ralphs, class of 2014, currently works at a Pharmaceutical Consultancy in London.  She studied Biology at the University of Bristol and has a Masters in Epidemiology (the study of the spread of disease).

Grace Hogg-Robinson, class of 2014, left Wycombe High School to be plunged straight into the world of acting, despite initially wishing to attend drama school.  She has since acted in ‘The Durrells in Corfu’, ‘The Coroner’, ‘Dr Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Flatmates’ just to name a few.  She has not looked back since, wishing to advance her career further.  She enjoys playing the ‘crazier’ and ‘out there’ characters and using her many dialects.

Freya See, class of 2014, went on to graduate from The University of Birmingham with a Classics degree.  Since then, she has volunteered across Europe in a total of 17 different placement covering a wide range of skills.  Her overall aim is to learn more about living sustainably.

Sky Carberry Rogers, class of 2017, is currently studying for a Bachelor in International Relations and Politics at Oxford Brooks University.  She loves politics and is interested in working in this field in the future.

Emma Silver, class of 2012, went to the University of Bath to study Psychology.  She almost did not study Psychology as she believed that she would never get a job in the field.  She was almost prepared to switch to Business but stuck with her passion and did Psychology A Level.  Emma is now a Research assistant and has done a placement at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Maria Denny, class of 2014, left Wycombe high to study at Cardiff University from which she graduated with a first-class degree in Education.

After hearing the alumnae talk about what they had done since leaving Wycombe High, the Year 7s had the opportunity to ask them questions in a Q&A session.  These were the questions and their responses;

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were at Wycombe High?

Eleanor - I was always told that I was the ‘quiet one’ but at home I was super loud and fighting with my brothers.  It doesn’t matter how loud you are but what you are saying.   You can still get to where you want to go, no matter what your personality.

And try and remember what you learned at school; you might need it for a pub quiz!

Grace - Stop worrying.  Always eat lunch.  Buy nice stationary.

Jade - There are so many jobs.  Find something new, ask questions and research.

Emma - Over 25% of you are going into jobs that don’t exist right now, just take it a year at a time.

Would you choose another job?

Grace - Personally, I would open a book shop for unemployed actors to read books at story time.

Jill - I am interested in the Extinction Rebellion, maybe I will start looking into that. It is never too late to change.

Jade - I am really happy where I am now but I would consider trying something new in the future.  Stick with the extra-curricular things that make you happy as you may end up doing it.

Overall, the talk was a fantastic success.  The Year 7 students left with a better understanding of how many opportunities they have in the future and that there is no fixed path that they have to follow.  According to the speakers, the best way to be successful in life is to follow your passions.

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Patricia Reinicke, Year 12, Pankhurst 5, Head of News Crew

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