Former Student Profile - Arooj Hussain

Guild Technology

We look forward to welcoming Arooj back to school for the Year 9 Inspire and Career Talk on Tuesday 3 December

What years did you attend WHS?  2002-2009

Do you have any fond memories you’d like to share?

I had a fantastic group of friends at school so the majority of my memories are of spending time with them. Spending the summers on the field, at the Sports Centre, walks to Tesco. I also enjoyed sports and took part in football and hockey.

What did you do after school?

I was always interested in Design however I had decided to take the apparent safer route at the time by getting a place at University to study Business Management. However last minute I changed my mind because I knew deep down I wanted to go into something creative. Not sure what route to take, I enrolled onto an Arts course at Bucks New University to get exposure to all the different areas. During my Arts course I found that I really enjoyed Product Design and when the course was finished I got a place at Brunel University where I studied Industrial Design. It was a fantastic course which I really enjoyed due to the huge number of things we covered! The reason I chose this course was because it had a good mix of the creative subjects I was interested in but also covered more of the technical parts such as electronics and mechanics which I was keen to explore. I worked as a Digital Designer for a year during my placement year and found that was the route I wanted to go down.


What are you up to now?

I worked as a User Experience (UX) Designer at a Fin Tech for a few years where I became a UX manager. This was an incredible experience as I joined the team as employee 30 and they grew to over 250 employees by the time I finished. So I was able to part of an amazing journey with a company experiencing unbelievable growth. I moved to a new role at Right Move 6 months ago where I am now designing their apps and website and working with some incredibly talented designers. It’s fascinating being able to compare the experience working at a start-up and now such an established company which is a household name.


What do you know that you didn’t in Year 13 that you’d like to share with your current students?

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. I always believed I had to figure out exactly what to do and stick to it as a young age however this isn’t true by any means. If you’re not sure then explore all the options you are interested in as that is the only way of figuring out what you would really enjoy and what you are good at.

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