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On Tuesday the 5 of November we welcomed back seven former students to Wycombe High to speak and network with Year 8 students.

This Inspire Talk welcomed by Nidaa Bashir, Kathryn Crouch, Haniya Dar, Hayley Hall, Hafsa Khan, Abigail Seager and Freya See.  These wonderful women represent a variety of career paths including Law, Immunology, International Development, Digital Marketing / Blogging, Medicine, Broadcast Engineer, Classics and Volunteer Traveller.

The Year 8s were able to listen to the wide range of career paths that the former students had taken, and also shed light on the ways in which they achieved their current professions. Students were able to ask questions about how they chose their university courses, and how to choose the right GCSEs so support their future choices.

The panellists advised to choose what you love and try something new. They encouraged the girls to follow their passion, and not be afraid to stretch themselves. The panellists also talked about their individual journeys in building their confidence and having life not always go to plan, inspiring the Year 8s to step out of their comfort zone and find what makes them tick.

The idea of working in a male dominated workplace was a key theme.  They shared their knowledge of that they learnt whilst at Wycombe High, and how they had the confidence to take risks and not be intimidated. They mentioned that there is not one road for everyone, and that the girls should take every opportunity to build skills and confidence whether that be joining a school society / club, applying for a leadership role or volunteering.

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Most importantly they shared that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do in the future at this moment in time.  Hayley’s career as a full-time blogger didn’t exist two decades ago. Technology is evolving at an incredible rate. Individuals and corporations are trying to solve the sustainability problems of the world today.  STEAM careers are ever prevalent, evolving and adapting.  If five years’ time, who knows what new careers will exist.

The alumnae also shared their experiences of friendship and fun times back at Wycombe High, including the notorious lunch trays and baskets from the Forum!

At the end of the session the girls were able to network with the former students, asking them a variety of questions and drawing from their experience. I was personally most inspired by Freya, as she spent time travelling around Europe pursuing different career paths and letting life take her on new journeys growing her confidence and diverse skills.

By Kristen Bailey, Year 13, Austen 6, Head of Guild

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