Former Student Profile – Mobbie Nazir, Class of 1990

Guild Careers

We look forward to welcoming Mobbie Nazir back to school as a Year 9 Inspire and Career Talk speaker on Tuesday 3 December.

What years did you attend WHS?



What did you get up to at WHS in terms of study and extracurricular activities?



Do you have any fond memories you’d like to share? My English teacher Mrs Jones was a complete inspiration to me and gave up a lot of her personal time to help me with getting into Oxford University which I will always be grateful for


What did you do after school? Gap year, straight into business or Uni.

Went to Oxford University to study English Literature


If you went to Uni where did you go and why did you choose it?

I was hoping to get into Oxford and I took the entrance exam for this. I felt the entrance process for Oxford was more suited to me than Cambridge. I also applied to do Economics at places like LSE but once I was accepted into Oxford that was my first choice.

What are you up to now?

I head up the Strategy and Research & Insights team globally at a creative and advertising agency that specialises in social and digital content. We have 16 offices around the world and we work with brands like Adidas, Netflix, YouTube and Disney.


What do you know now that you didn’t in Year 13 that you’d like to share with current students?

Its ok and actually pretty cool to be different - be proud of who you are and don't feel like you need to fit in.

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