#WHSElection2019 Rolling Coverage: Labour Triumphant at WHS

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Rolling coverage of the #WHSElection2019

13 December 2019, 14:00
News Crew

The much anticipated results of the 2019 Wycombe High School Mock Election are here and Labour are triumphant, winning over half of the houses and narrowly beating the Liberal Democrats to claim victory. A well fought campaign from all sides with a special congratulations to Iman Khokhar, WHS Labour's leader. A big thank you to Ms Chamberlain and all the students involved who have put an incredible amount of effort into this mock election, from canvassing to poster creating, the future looks bright with many students demonstrating an impressive flair for political campaigning.

12 December 2019, 16:19
News Crew

WHS had an amazing turnout of 79.9% meaning over 1200 students and staff cast their vote today!


12 December 2019, 14:19
News Crew

Election in full swing as the electorate swamp the polling station. First indications suggest a high turnout. 

Green Party candidate Scarlet Gray said: "I am feeling very confident. It has been a good campaign and we will definitely deliver on our promises if we win."

Thando Rwodzi, a candidate for Labour, added: "I am hopeful. It has been great to be involved with the election and the campaign." 



12 December 2019, 08:50
News Crew

Today's the day! Make sure to head to the hall at lunchtime today and make your voice heard! If you have lost your polling card, do not despair as you can cast your vote without.

There was some last minute canvassing from the Labour party yesterday, will it be enough to secure the vote of WHS students? Find out tomorrow!

11 December 2019, 16:49
Vianne Alhayderi, News Crew Lead

Want a hint at how tomorrow's WHS election might go? Have a look at News Crew's statistical analysis of the school's most recent elections. 

Read the full article here.

10 December 2019, 15:48
Patricia Reinecke, News Crew Lead

News Crew have been out to monitor the mood of the electorate with two days to go before the election. In short; Greens are in the ascendancy; the climate is the key issue; political engagement has shot up. 

We asked prospective voters who they are most likely to vote for come Thursday and the Green Party secured the largest proportion, gaining the approval of 31.33% of respondents. Labour is hot on its heels with 28.01% with the Liberal Democrats following with 25.93% and the Conservatives falling behind, attaining only 14.52%.


Click here to read full analysis of the WHS responses.

05 December 2019, 11:53
Aaysha Ahmed, Green Party candidate for Austen faces News Crew's questions

What issue matters the most to you personally?
Personally, a really important issue to me is mental health. We want to extend NHS provision to mental health services, because we believe it should be a right that everyone has access to quality mental health services and counselling. Enough with the ridiculously long waiting times. Enough with the cuts. We need to treat mental health with as much importance as we treat physical health.

Click here to read the full profile.

04 December 2019, 15:52
This week school assemblies have been dedicated to #WHSElection2019. Candidates in each constituency have been giving speeches to win over their fellow house members. Chief Returning Officer for WHS Election 2019, Ms Chamberlain, has been in charge and gave us this update on how they are going:

"Assemblies have proven a powerful tool to engage our electorate in political participation," she said. "I am very proud of all our candidates, especially our Yr9 and Yr10 brave individuals, up on stage. We have armies of canvassers using flash mobs, intricate posters, social media and the good old fashioned conversation to persuade. It would be unfair of me to say who might come out on top in the election at this stage."

04 December 2019, 13:44
Labour Party Candidate for Austen Iman Khokhar talks to News Crew: 

What do you believe is the most important issue facing the youth? What about society as a whole?
There are honestly so many it’s quite upsetting. The youth is so unsure of their futures due to the damage our economy has sustained in recent years e.g the housing crisis. Kids have so much to worry about and don’t get to just be young and enjoy these years anymore. It’s so detrimental for both their mental and physical health. We need more support systems and Labour will provide these.

Click here to read the full interview.

03 December 2019, 13:35
WHS Liberal Democrats

The Wycombe High School Liberal Democrat Party have been spotted putting their posters up around school over the last few days to raise support for their campaign. Canvasser Riya Bhardwaj said the party is keen to spread awareness around the election and their parties promises, particularly among the younger years so look out for posters around school from the Lib Dems and all the other parties!

02 December 2019, 12:30
Conservative Party Candidate for Bronte: Bethan Ellis

Get to know your candidates: the Conservative Party

Ever wondered which politician your house's candidate looks up to the most? Which issues they would prioritise? Over the next few days, candidates will be given the opportunity to answer questions put forward by News Crew, getting to the bottom of why they deserve your vote. First to respond, we have Bethan Ellis, standing for the Conservative Party in Bronte, arguing that the environment and NHS funding are the paramount issues for our generation to tackle.

Click here to read the full profile.

29 November 2019, 14:13
Green Party Candidate for Curie: Scarlett Gray

Why 2019 is the right time to vote for the Green party and help our country.

Lets be honest: politics is a mess right now. However, the Green Party are proposing policies which will transform the UK into a sustainable, inclusive and thriving country with a clean economy that gives us a chance as a leading nation to set an example of environmental awareness. How will we do this? Well the answer is clear; If we are voted into government we will use your consent to effectuate our manifesto and help this country for the common good.

Click here to read the full statement from Miss Gray.

28 November 2019, 12.00
Reporter: Lily Birch

News Crew are delighted to announce the start of the 2019 WHS mock election coverage. For the next two weeks, we will be sharing candidates’ profiles, election videos and more, all so you can get to know the leading figures amongst each party before you cast your vote on 12 December. Keep an eye on this article for updates throughout the campaign as the parties pitch their polices and try to get your support!


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