#WHSElection2019: Why the time is right for the Green party

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This article is part of the school's mock election campaigning: Curie's Green candidate Scarlett Gray sets out her case.

Lets be honest: politics is a mess right now. However, the Green Party are proposing policies which will transform the UK into a sustainable, inclusive and thriving country with a clean economy that gives us a chance as a leading nation to set an example of environmental awareness. How will we do this? Well the answer is clear; If we are voted into government we will use your consent to effectuate our manifesto and help this country for the common good.

As our name suggests, our party is strongly focused on protecting our sacred environment. We all have our dreams and aspirations for our futures, however the conditions in which we will be living in are uncertain if you vote for other parties who are not taking sufficient action to help our planet. As part of our manifesto, we pledge to plant 700 million trees by 2030 in order to tackle the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and also to promote greener working practices, encouraging farmers to be more sustainable. The Green Party also promise to spend £2.5 billion on cycle routes, aiming for car use to decrease as a result. We hope to revolutionise transport, in a significant attempt to encourage more people to use clean methods and help reduce detrimental carbon emissions. Perhaps our most important policy is to gradually remove fossil fuels from our economy. It is time for us to tackle climate change and completely alter our economy so that businesses operate on a clean basis. This involves applying a carbon tax to all oil and gas extraction, and to petrol, diesel and aviation fuels. The goal of this action is to encourage people to reduce usage of cars and focus new jobs in new clean and green industries. As you can clearly see, we are the only party who understands the severity of the current environmental crisis, and the thought of voting for other leaders who have a history of not carrying out their policies, or failing to sort out internal issues seems hopeless when they can’t unite their parties to deal with problems. It is imperative that we take the right steps to protect our environment, as it has ineffable value to us and our planet.

We know that the first thing most people think of when they hear the words ‘Green Party’ is the environment. To see our school’s attitude to our party, we carried out a small survey to collect the general opinions of our party, asking the question ‘How would you describe the Green Party in 3 words?’.

These are our results:

‘ Green, litter and eco-friendly’- Maanya, Year Eight

‘ Eco-friendly, helpful and green’ - Zoe, Year Nine

‘ Carbon emissions, environment and trees’ - Tegan, Year 11

‘ Nature, sustainability and trees’ - Lana, Year 12

‘ Environment, future and the world’ - Masha, Year 12

These results strongly suggest that most people only view the Green Party as caring about the environment, and whilst this is a key belief of ours, we also have policies concerning other important areas like society. The Green Party is a party of social justice, supporting changes in society that are beneficial to all, therefore when considering whether or not to vote for us, we strongly advise you to view our policies which we believe will redefine our country and create a government that looks out for everyone. We plan to invest £6 billion per year into our NHS until 2030, with a further £1 billion per year for nursing higher education, as we recognise the value that our healthcare service adds to our society and country, therefore we will ensure the government spends this money to improve the quality and conditions of the NHS. Additionally, our party pushes for a huge reduction in private sector involvement, as we believe healthcare should be available to all people in our country regardless of their income. The Green Party also pledges to build 100,000 zero-carbon homes, giving local councils the power to set an affordable living rent for tenants. This envisions a government which has a prominent role in improving the quality of life for all citizens by delivering new homes which are sustainable and environmentally friendly, which demonstrates how our party truly seeks to make policies which are for the common good. We also aim to improve education and social mobility by scrapping tuition fees. Are you thinking of going to university? If the answer is yes, then vote Green, as we are making the offer to cover all fees and write off debt for ex-students, which we hope will ameliorate the financial status of these ex-students and also give hope to prospective students who are worrying about education funds. As you understand now, a vote for Green is a vote to help shape your future into a prosperous one, as we are determined to make our society into a more inclusive one, so this December use your voice to contribute to a better country.

The Green Party also pledges to improve the UK’s economy and the socioeconomic conditions within our country. We promise to introduce a basic income of £89 for everyone. This will simplify the current system, and will replace most existing benefits which will reduce job insecurity and ensure everyone who is in need receives financial support. Sian Berry, the co-leader of the Green Party, has stated that our current system is ‘conditional and punitive’ and ‘ only the Green Party has the policies and ambition to eliminate the cruelty of the benefits system and tackle poverty head-on’, showing how our party is willing to take the necessary action to improve the socioeconomic conditions of our country and take steps towards a more equal society. It is small-minded in 2019 to ignore the devastating effects that our unsustainable economic activity has on the environment. Our manifesto is one that actively rejects the current economic status of the UK and developed countries across the world, as it is degrading and ruining our planet, leading to issues including poverty, homelessness and more extreme weather. We say ‘Yes to Europe, no to Climate Change’, giving you an opportunity to vote for a party who will fight for sustainable economic practices.

If you are still wondering why you should vote for the Green party over other options, the answer is this : a vote for the Greens is a vote for change. Our country desperately needs change, to all aspects of society, and we are the people who will bring you social justice, environmental protection and sustainable economics. A vote for Green is not a wasted vote, it is a sign of discontent, and a sign that you are bored of the stagnant government we have now. The Green Party at Wycombe High School has displayed what an active and caring party looks like, with our successful litter picking day and canvassing around school to truly educate our community on the important issues we face today in this political climate. We recognise that the young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, so please use your vote for the party that cares about protecting your future.

Scarlett Gray, Curie Candidate for the WHS Green Party

Year 12, Curie 8

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