#WHSElection2019: Bronte's Conservative Party candidate profile

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This article is part of the school's mock election campaigning: Bethan Ellis, the Conservative Party candidate for Bronte answers News Crew's questions.

Why should a WHS voter support your party?
They should support the Conservative Party because we support schools, as shown by a manifesto pledge of £14 billion more school funding. Also, the Conservative Party has supported grammar schools whilst they have previously come under threat from labour which is traditionally opposed to them.

What does your party pledge to do for the youth?
The party pledges to encourage long term fixed rate mortgages which means that the deposit paid o houses will be lower. This will make it easier for young people to get on the housing ladder. The freeze on university tuition fees will continue and there will be a review of student loan cases.

Why are you the best person to represent the students in your house?
I want the best thing for young people and society in general and I truly believe that the Conservative Party is the best party to deliver this with ourenvironmental pledges, as well as with promises of increasing funding for the NHS by 29% from 2018-2023. I think that the NHS is one of the UK’s greatest achievements.

What do you believe is the most important issue facing the youth? What about society as a whole?
The environment, because it is our generation who will have to live in the world of the future and hence we will be most affected by climate change. I also believe that the environment is the most pressing issue currently facing society, as well as being the most important issue to me. This is because climate change is affecting/will affect every aspect of our lives, and in order to prevent it action must be take now, which is why the conservatives are pledge to go carbon neutral by 2050. This deadline has been chosen because whilst extreme, prompt action must be taken more drastic deadlines are simply not realistic. If industries see a deadline as unattainable then they are less likely to take action to meet it.

In three words how would you define your party?
Strong, innovatory and patriotic.

Which politician do you look up to the most?
David Cameron, because after the recession of 2008-9 that happened under the Labour government, his financial policies helped this country to recover. Also, under his government same sex marriage was legalised and I am a staunch supporter of equality for the LGBT community.

Who do you believe is the most influential figure in British politics today?
Whilst I am not a supporter of his, there is no denying the influence that Nigel Farage has had on UK politics. He has led small parties to significant electoral success on not one but two occasions and UKIP winning 12.6% of votes in 2015 was a major cause of the 2016 EU referendum that continues to dominate politics over 3 years later. Also his newer Brexit Party won the largest number of seats in the 2019 European parliament election. Whatever your opinion of him - positive or negative (like me) - his influence on UK politics is undeniable.

Bethan Ellis, Year 12

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