#WHSElection2019: Polls hint Greens on track for surprise win

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News Crew have been out to monitor the mood of the electorate with two days to go before the election.  The news in brief; Greens are in the ascendancy; the climate is the key issue; political engagement has shot up!

An opinion poll was sent out by email on the 4 December 2019 to gain a better idea of which party is in the lead and to identify which issues are most important to the Wycombe High School constituents.  

If you could vote in the general election, who would you vote for?
The Green Party has secured the largest proportion, gaining the approval of 31.33% of respondents. Labour is hot on its heels with 28.01%, giving the Greens a clear lead. The Liberal Democrats follow with 25.93% and the Conservatives clearly fall behind, attaining only 14.52%.

How does this compare to National Opinion Polls?
There is a very large divide between Wycombe High School’s results and the rest of the country’s. According to the latest opinion polls, Conservatives are in the lead, landing 43% of votes nationally. Next is Labour with 33% then the Lib Dems with 13%. Remarkably, the Green Party gained only a tiny fraction of votes with only 3%. (The Guardian)

These results show a major difference between young people’s opinions and those of adult voters. ‘First’ and ‘last’ places were reversed in the Wycombe High School opinion poll compared to national opinion polls. Most noticeably, the vast difference in the number of votes gained by the Green party. This difference can be attributed to the contrasting opinions on climate change among the younger generation compared to adult voters. Climate change is more of a pressing issue for younger people than for adults which can be seen in the rise of youth protests against climate change in recent months. This can also be seen in the results of the Wycombe High School opinion poll. When asked which topic was most important them, an overwhelming number of respondents selected climate change which was chosen by 44.38% of the respondents. This was the most important topic, the second highest selected category only gained 19.02% of votes.

What are the most important issues to Wycombe High School students?
Another question on the poll asked respondents which issue/topic was the most important to them.  As previously stated, climate change appears to be the most important issue to the Wycombe High School constituents with 44.48% of students choosing this issue.  Next was healthcare with 19.02% of votes then Brexit with 14.93% of votes.  The two lowest scoring issues were tuition fees with 12.07% and crime with 9.61%.

How does this compare to National Opinion Polls?
Once again, there was a fairly large difference between the opinions of Wycombe High students and the rest of the country.  A BBC study found that the most important issue, gaining a majority, was Brexit. Next came healthcare, then crime. This survey did not include tuition fees and climate change. Brexit was much less important in the school opinion poll where it gained only 14.93%.

The #WHSMockElection2019 is looming, voting takes place this coming Thursday. Remember to vote and make your voice heard.

Writer: Patricia Reinecke, Year 12, Head of News Crew
Photo: Patricia Reinecke
Editor: Mr Binks

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