Spirited Arts Competition Winning Entry

Religious Studies Art

 The RS and Art department are delighted to announce that Ella Catchpole ( 8B A5 )  was a winning entry in a national competition;  Spirited Arts, and also won a voucher as a prize for 1st place.

The cross-curricular event is hosted by the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) and seeks to combine religion and spirituality with art by holding an annual competition in which students can submit their artwork and creative writing. The theme for this year was “Windows in the soul”. Ella’s picture and description are below:

Windows on the Eye  

Lots of people say that the eye is the window to the soul. But, I believe that the eye is the soul. You can see everything through it. The person’s emotions, thoughts and even secretes. My artwork is an image of an eye, with birds flying around it, representing the unknown and mysterious feeling that that girl is having at that moment.

I think that the religion that associates with this painting is Hinduism, because Hindus believe that the soul is within the creature. It is eternal and the core to being who you are. Everything from the smallest bacterium, to the largest blue whale has its own and very unique soul, like a fingerprint. No living thing has a soul equal to another’s.

A poem that I wrote is called:


“Wondering Won’t Help”


Wondering won’t help,

It’s the science that counts.

There isn’t a soul,

Now that’s one to announce.


Wondering won’t help,

We all know it’s true.

Of course there’s a soul,

and it lives within you!


Wondering won’t help,

I believe it’s in there somewhere.

Maybe not an actual thing,

But what gives you your flair.

Wondering won’t help,

It’s all just a story.

Probably made up long ago,

To give someone glory.


Wondering won’t help,

We all have different ideas.

Dreams and wonders,

And none of it is very clear.


That was my poem displaying the fact that no one actually knows what the soul is, except for the one who made us. God. I may not be religious, but I am not an atheist, I am an agnostic. From my point of view, no one on this earth at this point in time, knows anything about who God actually is. Is He/She/It even a person?

The window to the soul is a mystery even to science. Scientists believe that we evolved through monkeys, but Christians and many religions say we came to earth through Adam and Eve. Who is to say who is true?

In my painting, I used a lot of blue colours to represent the calmness of the soul. I used black for the birds to show that there is some sort of a dark side to everyone. The main points of my colours were to show that no one is perfect and the birds are meant to display that. No one knows exactly who they are until they look closely.

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