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Mr Sheehan became my History teacher at the start of this year, though I soon learnt that this was not his first time at WHS! I thought we ought to find out more …

1. Have you had any previous jobs? 
I’ve worked in retail management for Asda and Waitrose.

2. Why did you come back to WHS? 
I worked here for less than a year, covering Ms Chamberlain’s maternity leave. At that time, there was a vacancy at Bourne End Academy, so I worked there for five and a half years, eventually as the Head of History and Head of Sixth Form. I came back because I enjoyed my brief time here so much that when I went to Bourne End I always knew I wanted to come back. 

3. What has your funniest moment as a teacher been?
A couple of years ago I did an A Level lesson that was observed by another teacher and I was dressed up as Charles II playing harpsichord music.

4. Do you have a favourite topic to teach?
I most enjoy teaching 11th and 12th century England, topics like the Norman Conquest, the reign of William Rufus and Richard I.

5. What are your memories of your time at school?
I lived in Bedfordshire, where the school system includes lower, middle and upper schools, rather than primary and secondary. I enjoyed that system and mostly enjoyed my time at school. I loved History and Drama, they were the subjects that would get me excited. I noticed how much the teacher you have influences how much you like a subject, which was one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher.

6. What motto do you live by?
“Take it as it comes” or “roll with the punches.” To me, that just means: go with what life throws you, it can be wonderful or it can be dreadful, but just keep going. 

7. What is your favourite book/movie? 
My favourite book is ‘A Christmas Carol’ (relevant at the moment I guess!) and undoubtedly my favourite movie is ‘The Lord of the Rings’. It’s the BEST. FILM. EVER! 

8. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
David Walliams or Jack Black, probably.

9. What other hobbies do you enjoy away from school?
I enjoy watching movies, learning more about history and walking my dog. One of my hobbies is collecting movie autographs and signed posters, I really like that. 

Cordelia Thompson, Year11, News Crew

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