Model United Nations: Day 2

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The second day of Model United Nations at the International Maritime Organisation, London was just as thrilling and exciting as the first.

Although this had been my first ever conference, my confidence had increased wildly from the first day. I could now comfortably speak in front of the committee in order to address my views and solutions for climate change. Also, I was not afraid to challenge any delegate that threatened improvements to climate change. This second day was to fortify relations and solidify them by forming a block with other countries that had similar views and resolutions to your own. As I was a country from the Middle East my block consisted of many other Asian countries. This really helped to give a feel for what international relations is like and how countries are able to form alliances through negotiations.

Once these blocks had been formed and verified, we were given the chance to construct our own draft resolutions. This was done in true United Nations formatting through operative and preambulatory clauses. Essentially, this involved describing the issue and then proposing a resolution to solve the issue. And this is what made up our resolution papers, which were finalised after amendments to the draft. After seeing the resolution papers from each block, delegates were given the power to vote on the resolution papers they wanted to pass and which they wanted to neglect. I am pleased to say my block’s resolution paper was passed. With agreements to the climate change issue being achieved the committee session concluded.

Lastly, every committee gathered in the General Assembly for the closing ceremony of the event. The closing ceremony involved the speeches of professionals who worked in the environmental industry to tackle climate change. As well as, the final thoughts from the Model United Nations Organisers and the award ceremony.

A special congratulations is due to three delegates from Wycombe High School who received awards on this day. Firstly, congratulations to Zainab Lakta in year 13, who was the recipient for the Honourable Delegate Award and represented the delegation of ….. . Secondly, congratulations to Saffa Rais in year 12, who was the recipient for the Best Position Paper Award and represented the delegation of Palestine. Lastly, congratulations to Aqsa Waheed in year 13, who was the recipient for the Most Confident Delegate Award and represented the delegation of South Korea. As well as a congratulations to every student that participated in Model United Nations 2019 and performed excitedly.

Participating in the Model United Nations has not only given me a clearer understanding of our climate emergency but, the ability to consider solutions that our school could take in order to reduce climate change. For example, a method that we highlighted in our resolution paper was afforestation and the plantation of more trees. This can easily be achieved at Wycombe High School as we have an ample amount of green field to accommodate afforestation. This could be a great opportunity for Wycombe High School to make a difference and contribute to protecting our earth.

Editor – Saffa Rais, Year 12, Bronte 2

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