Year 8 Technology Taster Day

Technology Y8

On Friday January 10th, all of Year 8 took part in the annual 'Technology Taster Day' event.  Its aim is to enable each student to experience a Technology specialism and make an informed decision when choosing their GCSE options.

A survey was designed to allow each student to choose their specialist Technology area, with a limit of 40 students placed in 2 Food Technology for Health & Safety reasons and up to 80 in Textiles and Product Design.

“The day was absolutely amazing, doing product design for a whole day was really fun, especially seeing as we made something in six hours and being able to see the outcome (the ball game is really fun to play with!). It also really helped with choosing GCSE options while also not being too stressful! It was definitely an entertaining day and also being able to spend time with everyone from the whole year was great.” – A. Shanker

I really enjoyed the day as it was great to see everyone's sock animals and it was a brilliant and friendly experience. I also enjoyed the educative aspect of it as it was a great way to learn new textiles skills but in a fun and creative way out of lesson time. My favourite part of the day was probably the group photo, as it was great to see everyone’s finished sock creatures and learn how they made them. The day was especially good because we all did something for the planet by upcycling a pair (or several pairs) of socks and making them into something new. - Imogen Crocker

The day was very enjoyable and well organised the activities we did were relevant to baking cookies and the judging process was very fair. Everything we needed was provided making it more enjoyable as we didn’t have to remember anything. Overall I thought the day was fun organised and well thought about. – Isabel Stapleton

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Textiles students spent the day creating ‘Sock Animals’ from old pairs of socks they had brought in from home.  The students were not restricted to what they could design and make and therefore the day ended with creative, innovative and inspiring sock animals – Elephants, Monkeys, Dragons and many other wacky designs. The winner of the sock animal was Imogen Franklin 8F, who designed such a creative dragon masterpiece! Special mentions go to, Sophie Bentley 8E, Aaliya Choudhry, 8A, Eloise & Elisabeth Buxton 8F, Leiva Hollows Butwell 8D, Arianna Johnson 8E, Annabel Hull 8D, Imogen Crocker 8D, Olivia Crane 8A, Emily King 8B, Milla Brown 8C, Anya Brain 8D, Darci Juster White 8A, Fatima Ashraf 8C, Zaarah Khan 8B and Isabel Mintz 8E for their fantastic effort, creative designs, excellent sewing and outstanding attitude on the day – well done!

Product Design
In Product Design, students were introduced to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM).  Their ‘design brief’ was to design and make a handheld ball game based around a theme of their choice.  Each ball game was to be accompanied by a piece of ‘Blister Packaging’ following the same design theme.  Once the games were designed on CAD, students saw their models laser cut, whilst completing fully rendered hand drawn graphics.  The creativity and thought that was put into the design of the ball game and packaging was superb!

Food Technology
For health & safety reasons, Food Technology were only able to accommodate 40 students and although not a GCSE option, it still remains a very popular extra-curricular choice.  During this day students had to work in teams to design and bake a new batch of cookies for their brand-new coffee shop.  The day was designed in the style of 'The Apprentice', as students pitched their idea to a panel of judges, supported by a taste test at the end. They had to problem solve, work as a team, create a new brand name, logo, and packaging and include research on environmental challenges addressing current climate changes around the world. All of the students were absolutely fantastic and so inspiring with their new concepts! The overall winners were, ‘Cookieology’ that involved Isabel Stapleton, Gargi Tank, Hadia Zahra and Hannah Steele, with their scrumptious cookies which blew the minds of the judges, Mr Walpole and Mrs Morrison.

Special mention
Last but not least, a special mention should be made to the Sixth Form students who were tremendous, volunteering to support all areas of Technology during their free periods.  They guided the younger students, passing on their years of wisdom and ensuring the production rates were high throughout the day.  Additionally, thank you to all members of staff who came to supervise (and in some cases participate). All in all a fantastic effort and superb day.  It was a real community event and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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