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As the longest-serving teacher at WHS, I thought we should find out more about French teacher Madame Edmunds.

1. Have you had any previous jobs? 
I’ve only ever been a teacher, this is the third school I’ve worked in. It’s still fun, even after all this time.

2. You’ve been teaching here for over 30 years, why have you stayed at WHS so long?
I enjoy working here, it is hard work but a lot of fun. I really like both the staff and the students, and I was born in the area which I guess has a factor. Overall it’s just a lovely environment. 

3. What has your funniest moment as a teacher been?
At one of my previous schools, my entire class hid themselves in a cupboard. I just came in and taught the lesson to an empty classroom, which was pretty funny for all of us! 

4. Do you have a favourite topic to teach?
There isn’t a particular lesson that I really enjoy, but there are some that I’ve done a lot that I know work and that everyone will like. 

5. What are your memories of your time at school?
I was an absolute swot! I even did my French Literature on Christmas Day, that’s how much I enjoyed it! I do wish I had thought for myself a bit more though, I chose my university course because I was told to, and I wish I had made that decision myself.

6. What motto do you live by?
“Go for it” or “Be Kind” I think that if there is something you dream of doing, why not do it? And why not be kind to other people?

7. Who did you want to be when you grew up?
I never really had a role model. At the end of the day, everyone is just a human, even famous people do regular things like go to the supermarket, and I think it can be dangerous to see people in a different way. 

8. What sort of music do you enjoy?
Everything, provided it is well-done. I used to hate opera, but I enjoy it now, as long as it’s well-performed. I like any music that has true skill in it. 

9. What is your favourite book/movie? 
I love the play ‘King Lear’ by Shakespeare and the novel ‘Life Beyond the Berlin Wall’, I really enjoyed it and would love to reread it.

10. What other hobbies do you enjoy away from school?
I love to read, visit my friends, and learn new languages, of course! I also like watching TV - my favourite shows are the quiz programmes, and I also like Casualty. 

Cordelia Thompson, Year 11, News Crew

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