WHS Staff sew to support our #NHSHeroes, #Keyworkers, hospices and nursing homes


Wycombe High School Exams Invigilator Nina Kelly responded to an appeal from the NHS, via Bucks Federation of Women’s Institutes (amongst other groups) to make laundry bags from unwanted bedding. Here’s what Nina had to say.





“We had set up a WhatsApp group in my street to stay in touch with the neighbours, so I asked if anyone had any sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases they didn't want and bags full soon turned up on my doorstep.

The idea is that the bedding is cut up and made into drawstring bags, roughly the size of a large pillowcase. Every member of staff in the hospital is given one into which they put their scrubs or uniform at the end of the shift. They take them home and the bag with its contents is washed at 60+ degrees, so the possibly contaminated clothing doesn't have to be handled again.

A very simple idea which has proved very popular. We are now supplying district nurses, hospices and nursing homes as well. 

I have the patterns to make head bands to which goggles and masks are attached to stop medical staff's ears getting sore from the elastic, but I haven't made any yet - I still have a lot of bedding to get through!”

Claire Greene, Receptionist and parent, contributed the following about her sewing escapades.







“ “Is everything Ok, Claire” asked my neighbour from over the fence.” Not wishing to be rude or nosy but you are washing a lot of bedding, is everyone OK?”

It was true, for 3 days my washing line had been full of sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases kindly donated by friends and family- not because my entire family were suffering from sickness or incontinence but because I needed lots of cotton material to make scrub bags and headbands for our fantastic NHS.

I am very lucky to live in a house with a garden, near a park, with older children who can look after themselves (mostly!), a husband who is used to working from home and healthy family and friends without underlying health problems – nothing to worry about!! Yet…….it doesn’t take long for one’s thoughts to start messing with you and a rising sense of panic to creep into your head.

Watching the news every day I was beginning to feel stressed and overwhelmed, worrying about keeping my family safe, obsessing about getting enough healthy food, bleaching everything in sight and then having days when I didn’t feel I could do anything constructive and would lay around like an unmade bed. My sons had been walking the dog (Nelle) for me but I was forced to do it one day when everyone else was busy zooming, skyping and generally being all modern day communicative with the world and I couldn’t ignore Nelle’s pleading eyes any longer.

As I left the house, my neighbour Alison was just leaving her house also. She is a matron at St Mary’s hospital in London. She looked tired but she stopped, and we had a distanced chat about things. She asked me how I was, but I could hardly tell her how anxious I was when all I was doing was walking the dog and here, she was heading off for a 12-hour shift managing 2 wards of Covid patients! So instead I said I was a bit bored and she asked me if I had nothing better to do could I make her some headbands to help with her sore ears from wearing masks all day and maybe a scrub bag for her uniform. I am no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but I went and looked online for inspiration and found that hundreds of people had been sewing for the NHS. I put out a request for materials and was inundated with supplies!

Initially I was only going to make things for Alison but actually the scrub bags and headbands were so quick and easy to make that I ended up making loads, and as well as  St Mary’s I have sent them to various places including to my lovely nurse friends in Bournemouth and Oxford. It wasn’t a lot to do for these wonderful people and to do it has done much for my mental health so thank you again Wonderful NHS.”

We continue to be humbled by the outpouring of support coming from the WHS community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Long may it continue.

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