Mr Houston Climbs Everest for NHS Heroes

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On 1 April, myself and a group of runners were offered a challenge by a friend, to try and climb the height of Everest (virtually) during the month of April. 

I had seen a few daft challenges appearing during lockdown, of people running marathons in back gardens and stair climbing challenges, but as my garden had a bit of a slope, I thought a stair challenge might be a laugh.
I then realised I needed to do a bit of Maths (good Core Maths problem):
•    I have to climb 8848m over 30 days
•    That’s approximately 295m/day
•    I can get the elevation through runs or stairs (I wanted at least 50% to be stairs)
•    My stairs measure 20cm each and I have 13 of them (total 2.6m)
•    I have to run up this set of stairs 114 times a day to make 295m

I can do that ... I think?

The first few days went okay, until by Day 4 I thought my calves would explode. Going up AND down 114 times starts to hurt, but after some stretching and foam rolling, I found it started to ease.

On the first Thursday, we decided to set up a fundraising page and dedicate our steps to the NHS Heroes, so from that point forward, every Thursday we would dedicate our steps to the NHS Heroes. This might involve dressing up, adding some extra challenges etc, to help raise money for the NHS Charities. One week I took my Thursday 'steps' outside, to run up and down Marlow Hill to get my elevation instead (seemed fitting to be outside the hospital for hill reps).
To mix it up and save the carpet as well, I took to my garden steps too, but seeing as there were only 4 of them, that meant 492 ups AND downs for my daily elevation.
The final day came and if I was going to make it to the Summit of Everest, I thought I had better dress for the occasion. It certainly was warmer at the top than I anticipated, but on the 30th day and a Thursday too, my final steps were dedicated to the NHS Heroes and we managed to surpass £1000 in donations, doubling our original target.

I finished with 4718m (53% ) on stairs and 4130m (47%) through 128 miles of hilly runs. That equates to about 1814 flights up AND down of my home stair case, for the stair element!

Thanks to everyone who has donated and if you are exhausted reading this and think it’s worthy of a small donation, please do give some support - 

As for me, I’m heading for back down for a less mad May!
Mr Houston, Teacher of Maths

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