Alumnae in the News – Ethel Tambudzai, Class of 2013, Nominated for Recent Graduate Award

Guild Politics

Ethel Tambudzai left WHS having finished her A Levels in 2013.  She went on to complete her BA Hons in International Relations and Development Studies at the University of Westminster in 2018 before beginning her career as a consultant with Tambu Group.

Over the last two years, Ethel has introduced investments in renewable energy and infrastructure across emerging markets.  Alongside this, Ethel has worked with many charities and businesses around London on business development, strategic planning, and community engagement.

For her efforts, Ethel has been nominated for the Recent Graduate Award by the University of Westminster and is seeking your support to win.  This award recognises a recent graduate who has achieved something extraordinary within just three years of leaving Westminster (ie with an award date in January 2017 or later).

To win, Ethel must receive the highest number of votes in the Recent Graduate Award category by May 31 2020.  Your support will make all the difference.  Please vote here:

Follow Ethel on Twitter @etheltamb and Instagram @ethel.tambudzai





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