Georgina Russell – WHS Class of 2017 - Reflections of Graduating in Lockdown

Guild Careers

Regrettably, I too lost my mother recently.

My Mum passed away suddenly in March, just before lockdown entered the picture. 

Perhaps to keep myself occupied in these difficult times (and with the sound of Mum’s voice nagging me in the back of my head!) I have been completing the rest of my uni work – including my dissertation.

Mercifully, my university has adopted a no-detriment policy, meaning that I already know my graduating grade. By some miracle, I have achieved a First. Mum was always certain I would (despite my tears on many occasions!) so I owe it to her and her endless faith in my abilities, even when I lacked faith in them myself.

I wish Mum was here to celebrate with me, to wait out lockdown with me, and to assist me in my current job-hunting ventures. But I know I can rely on the rest of my family and friends to support me every step of the way, as they have been doing for the past three months. As such, I am tentatively looking forward to the future, and the opportunities it may bring me.

Wycombe High School send its condolences to Georgina and her family and wishes Georgina all the best for the future.

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