Welcome to the 2020 Annual Guild Magazine

Guild All Years

I am thrilled to introduce the 2020 Annual Guild Magazine, the theme of which is ‘Be the change’. 

In line with this theme I am happy to have taken over the position as Editor of the Guild Magazine and bring with it a fresh new ‘changed’ look.  I must say the prospect of this task was somewhat daunting at first but with limitless ambition I compelled myself to succeed and produce what I hope you will agree is a first class publication.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following key people whose generous spirit continuously helps the Guild to thrive.

  • Hayley Hall for her amazing talents drafting this new look magazine
  • Sian Bentley-Magee and Suzie Clarke for help putting this fabulous magazine together
  • Jill Boyd (Patman) for her continued contribution to the Guild
  • All Guild Commitee members for their continued support for the school, special thanks to Paula Cooper, Hayley Hall and Charlotte Kerns who joined the commitee this year
  • All the Group Leaders for collating their news
  • Dana Morgan who I will miss dearly but I hope I will be able to keep the Guild going from strength to strength
  • John Tucker for Proof Reading this magazine at the last minute
  • All the speakers that attended our Inspire and Careers Talks this year

Finally my thanks goes out to all of you that have contributed news, feature articles, original artwork, poetry and thoughtful photographs.  It has truly been a joy to read all of your articles and publish them.

Please follow this link to read a pdf version on the magazine. https://issuu.com/wycombehighsch/docs/the_guild_magazine_2020

All my best wishes in these uncertain times.

Antonia Ashwin
Exams and Alumnae Relations Manager

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