Rose (Reshma) Bobby – WHS Class of 2016 - Reflections of Graduating in Lockdown

Guild Careers

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in June 2019 with a Joint honours in English Literature and Philosophy.

I started my full-time Law conversion (GDL) in September 2019 and completed it in June 2020.  Albeit challenging completing a second degree and studying law in 8 months and in Lockdown, I did it!

I also work part time as a Paralegal in the Private Client department at a firm in Chesham.

It has been very strange working at home but I have quickly adapted to this new lifestyle. Although I lacked motivation at first, I worked hard and dedicated myself to my studies and job and I am really happy I did so. If anything, this pandemic has made me realise how valuable our goals and aspirations are and how we should not lose sight of what we want to achieve!

I wish everyone the best in the future endeavours. 

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