At Wycombe High School we always remember that the girls we teach today are the women who will shape tomorrow. Our curriculum is broad, flexible and responsive to the needs of these future citizens.

Your daughter will be welcomed into a friendly place of learning where she will grow in knowledge and confidence and be encouraged in her efforts and praised for her achievements. In the classroom she will experience a variety of teaching strategies intended to inspire and challenge.

We aim to foster a love of learning as your daughter moves through the school and to provide her with both the motivation and the skills for independent and lifelong learning. So, for example, she will learn how to research, how to work individually and with others, and how to use various forms of media.

Learning takes place as much outside as inside the classroom. Subjects extend into the community through fieldwork and visits in the UK and abroad, theatre and film, expert-led workshops, outdoor education and competitions. We provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities to nurture intellectual, social and physical development, irrespective of ability or level of skill.

Students are encouraged to take part in music, dance, drama, debate, sport, community events and, as they grow older, to take on roles in which they lead younger members of our community in such activities. We encourage all students to take advantage of this wider curriculum with its opportunities for adventurous learning and active citizenship.


The girls are the greatest testament to the work of the school, being avid and engaged learners who are ambitious for the future but show care and consideration for others.

Report 2014, Exceptional Schools Award