Our PSHEE and SMSC commitment

While attending Wycombe High School our students will develop character skills to enable them to manage the key aspects of being a successful and centred citizen based around our Fundamental British Values.  We design our curriculum to not only meet the statutory requirements but also so that students can master the essential character skills in the early Key Stages which will equip them with the confidence and knowledge to deal with any situation they may encounter both in and out of school. The curriculum is designed to ensure that subjects are revisited at key points in an age appropriate manner, building upon prior learning not repeating it. By the end of their time here they are confident and inquisitive learners that are ready to deal with complex and unknown situations in an ever changing world. They will be able to assess the risks that they will encounter and have the skills to know how to manage the situations. They will question different aspects of our ever changing world and know how to play an active role in that world. They will understand the rule of law and why it is important to the structure of our democratic society. Students will also learn to question a variety of situations and understand that their voice is important. They are the future citizens who can change the world to make it a better place, the future is in their hands. Students will also understand that PSHEE and SMSC underpins everything that they do at WHS, from being part of an extra-curricular team to taking responsibility for helping the school move towards a better future. They will truly learn to be positive citizens within our own community and the wider global one.