Sixth Form

Sixth Form at
Wycombe High School
Sixth Form at
Wycombe High School
Sixth Form at
Wycombe High School




Why Wycombe High

Dear Student

The Sixth Form experience is the pinnacle of your time in school. It is the opportunity to define the individual you hope to become in the future and to further develop the foundations on which your aspirations are built. To succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex world it is important that you are exposed to a range of opportunities both academic and personal to enable them you become the very best version of yourself.

We are proud to provide a culture of academic excellence, a broad and all-round experience that will equip you with independence and the awareness and empathy to make life-long friendships and a bold and inspiring future.

We believe that to truly thrive Sixth Formers need to be able to:

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At Wycombe High School these principles underpin all aspects of what we offer.
Our students leave us with the desire and skills to think knowledgeably and creatively, to be brave and take risks, have an open mind, and to reflect and show resilience in their learning and everyday life. Our emphasis is on discovery; students are guided to unearth these qualities across the curriculum and to recognise the importance of individuality, choice, and aspiration such that they can make their own mark on the world.

Each year we welcome students into Year 12 to join our existing cohort of students who are in their final stages of the seven-year academic journey. We recognise the challenges of transition, and work closely with students, and their parents throughout the process to ensure students are both happy and settled. These students are a rich and valued group who enhance the experience of the entire cohort, and we are immensely proud of how quickly they feel they belong and how much they thrive.

Our Sixth Form community is second to none. Students not only engage and learn in a vibrant and inclusive setting, but they are also role models and ambassadors for the school’s core values. Each is an inspiration to those around them sharing a love of learning, limitless ambition, generous spirit, insatiable curiosity, and infectious joy at every opportunity.






Our students thrive in the company of our staff who offer a holistic and stimulating experience in the classroom and beyond. The wealth and depth of extracurricular opportunities is testament to this, our students blossom into dedicated, informed individuals who cherish the qualities of honesty, wisdom, and resilience.

At Wycombe High we are proud of the breadth of opportunity and emphasis on the choice we offer. Students thrive in STEM subjects and confidently pursue their passions in this area into degree subjects in Medicine, Computing, Engineering, Science and Maths.

Equally the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences permeate many of the future plans of our cohort. This diversity of thought and endeavour is a strength and trademark of the Wycombe High School Sixth Former. Our timetable allows students to select and pursue a bespoke pathway whilst relishing in a collection of complimentary and contrasting opportunities which makes them both unique and enlightened.


We recognise that the world is an increasingly complex place for young people today. The challenges are vast and varied; often shifting at speed making them even more difficult to navigate.

We focus our personal development curriculum on world, work and wellbeing delivered through PHSEE, Physical Recreation and our Futures Programme. Each component of this provision is designed to enable you to live independently, and happily, long into the future, informed, secure, and open minded.

As a community we are acutely aware of the way girls learn and the dynamics that enable them to thrive in school and beyond. Our programme of professional development for all staff enables us to stay at the forefront of current educational trends but to continuously reflect and meet the needs of young women today and to prepare them for the futures they aspire to.

In summary, Wycombe High School Sixth Form provides a culture and environment where you will have every opportunity to discover who you are as a learner and individual; to accept and rise to challenges that are both familiar and new; to find a place where you truly belong and are encouraged to flourish. We develop the potential of every student in our care and prepare them for their next adventure beyond school. Using a broad and balanced curriculum offer which nurtures and celebrates diversity of thought we develop independence, resilience and determination so creating the leaders, scientists, engineers, writers, artists, and businesswomen of the future.

We very much look forward to taking you with us on this exciting journey in the Sixth Form at Wycombe High School.

Mrs Ellis
Head of Sixth Form

I have been at Wycombe High School since Year 7, and to me it seemed an obvious choice to stay on for Sixth Form. As a sixth form student you are given just the right balance of independence and support for your own learning and development. You learn important skills for both academia and for life. At Wycombe High I have also made friends for life, both in the lower school and in year 12 and 13 who I know I will keep seeing for years to come. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

– Head Girl

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