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What do we offer?

At Wycombe High School, we pride ourselves on providing a balanced and broad curriculum offer which enables students to create a bespoke pathway which meets their personal interests and aspirations.

To foster limitless ambition, we do not restrict A level subject choice with option blocks in the initial selection; all students can make a free choice of subjects from those below. Whilst we cannot always guarantee that students can study the exact combination they have chosen, it is exceptionally rare that we are unable to accommodate their choices.

There are 23 subjects that can be taken as a full A Level:



Drama & Theatre Studies




Physical Education



Classical Civilisation


Further Maths


Philosophy and Ethics




Computer Science

English Literature




Product Design

In addition to the 23 full A Level subjects’ students can select one enrichment subject from this list:

Core Maths


Further Maths

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Young Enterprise

A typical programme of study will either be:

A Level Results 2023


16% of all A Level grades are A*


50% are A* to A grades


79% are A* to B grades



80% of the Class of 2023 secured a place at university


71% of the Class of 2023 secured a place at their first choice university


82% of our aspiring medics have secured a place to study Dentistry, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine


88% of Oxbridge offer holders have secured their place

6 students

6 students have secured apprenticeships with prestigious companies such as Santander and JP Morgan

How will you learn?

The culture in the Sixth Form is such that nothing is off limits, and anything is possible. Our students inspire and are inspired by the positive culture that surrounds them.

To support the rigour of study required at A Level, classes are kept small even in popular subjects to ensure that students have access to quality first teaching across the curriculum. Students savour the opportunities their lessons present to advance their knowledge and readily support one another in this journey, their generous spirit permeating all they do.

Our learning culture is underpinned by our school values with stretch and challenge forming a fundamental part of every lesson.

Subject specialist staff resource and deliver lessons with care, developing independent research and nurturing independent study skills as courses progress. Our students understand and respond to the expectations of them. The Wycombe High School Learner characteristics define the qualities which reinforce success and prepare students for future study and the world of work. These characteristics form the structure of praise and reward and instil a clear direction to the learning environment.

I am brave but not perfect. I take risks and approach uncertainty with tenacity and forethought. In the face of challenge and change I can work collaboratively and independently to explore new ideas and solve problems creatively. I act with integrity and relish challenge, whilst taking responsibility for my actions. I am courageous in my approach and look for ways to be brave every day.

I am open-minded. I have a growth mindset and understand the importance of flexibility in my thinking. I ask questions and critically appreciate the diversity, values, traditions and cultures of others. I seek and evaluate a range of points of view, and enjoy growing and learning from my experiences and feedback. I am curious and strive to develop the skills for inquiry and research. I learn with enthusiasm and a strong desire to sustain a love of learning throughout my life.
I am reflective. I work hard to understand my strengths and weaknesses and am able to support my own learning and personal development. I can consider my own experiences and that of others to ensure a balanced view. I seek feedback and use it to improve the way I learn and act in the face of challenge and pressure.
I am resilient. I never give up; I am driven and determined and can bounce back. I understand that I will be faced with adversity, but I can use the skills and tools that I have to overcome these challenges and changes. I know I have to work hard for success and I will try my best at everything I do. I do not fear failure and understand that failure is the first attempt in learning.
I am a creative thinker. I do not always accept the first answer is the right answer. I can use critical thinking skills to analyse, evaluate and take action on complex problems I encounter. I use my initiative and reason when making decisions. I can problem solve and find ways around issues and challenges I face.
I am knowledgeable. I have self-knowledge and understand how I learn best and what skills to use to tackle each task. I can plan, monitor and evaluate my own learning. I think big and I think globally. I develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. I engage with all ideas and have a thirst for understanding, enquiry and learning.

Lessons at Key Stage Five are more collegiate than students will have previously experienced.

Our staff relish the opportunity to share their expertise with our Sixth Formers and take every opportunity to get to know the learning styles and needs of their classes well. For Year 11 Wycombe High students, the continuity and familiarity offered as you move from Key Stage four into five offers huge advantages. For students joining the school the emphasis we place on the community provides assurance that you will be valued at every step of your journey with us.

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What will my day look like?

Each subject will typically have a maximum of eight lessons per fortnight, though the allocation for enrichment subjects will differ.

Additional sessions will include PHSEE, Physical Recreation and the Futures Programme together with a mix of supervised and non-supervised study periods to develop greater freedoms in the approach to learning. The Miller Study Area is the primary base for study with capacity for 130 students in desks or study pods and an impressive Café dominates the top floor of the Sixth Form block for the sole use of the Sixth Form students
and staff.

We have regular events and competitions in school with talks and workshops from specialists across all subjects in the curriculum. In the last year we have welcomed amongst others, authors, film directors, astronauts, and celebrity mathematicians to share their career journey and experiences with our students.

Whilst lessons are conducted across the school site in specialist rooms the Miller Block houses the classrooms, a Lecture Theatre, and dedicated spaces for students to work, relax, and share their time. There is no typical Wycombe High School Sixth Former; the relaxed dress code enables students to express their individuality and be their own person helping each and everyone feel safe and know they belong.

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