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The Head of Sixth Form oversees all aspects of Sixth Form life from strategic development to admissions, curriculum and assessment, intervention, and Post 18 options.

She is supported by the Head of Year 12 and Head of Year 13, a dedicated Sixth Form Student Manager, and a Sixth Form Study Supervisor both of whom manage the student experience on a day-to-day basis. We also have a dedicated Higher Education and Careers advisor and Oxbridge Programme Co-ordinator. In addition, the team draws upon the expertise of the Individual Needs Team, the Safeguarding Team and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team as required.

We pride ourselves on a positive relationship with parents and working in partnership to make the Sixth Form experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. Equally we encourage students to develop strong relationships with their teachers and the Sixth Form Team from the outset of Year 12 to quickly develop the confidence and independence they will need to manage their studies and life beyond school.

We recognise that positive wellbeing is integral to academic success and therefore have a comprehensive support programme in place. This includes a team of school counsellors and a group of Peer Mentors who are trained by Buckinghamshire Mind to support low level concerns and ensure students can stay healthy and get the best out of their Sixth Form experience.

Educational visits

Our Educational Visits programme has opportunities for each Year group.

A range of daytime and residential visits provide academic stimulus, recreational activities, and invaluable access to learning outside of the classroom. Sixth Form visits typically include field visits for Biology and Geography, research trips to Stratford Upon Avon and Gothic London for English Students, combined departmental visits to Barcelona and Nice for students studying Art and Design and Modern Foreign Languages, an annual Music Tour, and a water sports activity weekend for Year 12.

Our range of Sixth Form visits reflects our limitless ambition for our students and offers them the opportunity to better understand different environments, cultures, and perspectives.

It is clear to us that our Sixth Formers are happy and thoroughly enjoy their time at Wycombe High. This is evident in testimonials from students and the fact that so many stay in touch with us long after they leave.

Our students are engaging, generous and empathetic. Each year the addition of new students from other schools enriches the dynamic of the year group and lifelong friendships are quickly made. Year 13 students support the transition process and staff are committed to making the experience a positive one from the outset for all.

Whilst there is a purposeful atmosphere throughout every school day, students create many opportunities for fun and camaraderie. Our students appreciate being treated like young adults and taking responsibility for their learning but supplement their hard work with a range of ventures both individually and as a group. We are continually amazed and humbled by the engagement and the generosity with which they give their time to fundraising and volunteering locally and beyond.



Our Sixth Formers play a crucial role in the life of the school. There are a wealth of opportunities to engage in the success of the whole community from academic mentoring, leading clubs and societies, working as a Student Ambassador or Subject Captain, or being selected as a Senior Prefect or a member of the Student Leadership Team.

The SLT as it is known is a group of 12 representatives who are selected in the Spring Term of Year 12 to lead on key areas and events related to whole school life. The Team includes a Head Girl and Deputy, six House Captains and Heads of Academic mentoring, Charities, Enrichment and Wellbeing and Inclusion.

As a member of the SLT, taking part in open evenings, assemblies and work experience has allowed me to cultivate professional skills to prepare for the workplace, while more fun events- Culture Day, the Panto and charity fundraisers- have been so much fun to be a part of. The school has a strong sense of community and joy throughout, and I have truly loved my time here.

– Year 13 Student

Staff will routinely turn to Sixth Formers to support many aspects of school life as there is no one better placed to support and advocate for a student than a fellow student.

Students offer regular tutoring support for younger students called ACAS (Academic Assistants). This encompasses subjects across the curriculum and has a keen impact on the progress of many students.

Pupil Intro

We offer Vertical tutoring for all year groups with a tutor group having approximately three students from each year group from Year 7 right through to Year 13. Students in every tutor group work together across a range of activities with the older years offering essential guidance and support to their younger peers. Tutors will also call on their Sixth Form Tutees to help deliver tutor time sessions on a range of subjects to develop their leadership skills and ensure key messaging is student centred.

Additional resources such as subject specific literature and podcasts as well as external opportunities like competitions and lectures, work shadowing opportunities and university Taster days are advertised daily to enable students to build their own bespoke programme of enrichment.

We are the home of Wycombe High TV the UK’s only student led Television Channel which allows students of all ages to be social advocates and build confidence to have their voice heard. For those with a passion and interest in the media we offer a unique opportunity to gain industry level experience presenting and recording news stories that are shared with the whole school community. And beyond.

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