An Introduction to life at Wycombe High School Sixth Form

There's no better time to discover who you are - your passions, interests and talents, than in your Sixth Form years.  

The ‘Sixth Form Exploration Live’ webcast will be broadcast at 5 pm on Tuesday, 20 October. 

Our ‘Sixth Form Exploration Live’ interactive event is an innovative way to make sure everyone can still find out what they need to know about the sixth form experience on offer at Wycombe High.

Please register for the event by Monday 19 October. If you are unable to attend a recording will be available via the school’s YouTube channel and website, along with short video presentations and flyers for each subject Wycombe High School offers at A-level.

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  • Enjoy an expansive curriculum - there's no better time to discover who you are - your passions, interests and talents, than in your Sixth Form years. That's why we offer an extensive range of A-levels, 26 to be precise, along with a breadth of extra-curricular activities for you to embark on that journey of discovery.

  • Find new freedoms - at sixteen, the world truly is your oyster, We are here to help you take hold of new freedoms (such as non uniform dress code) and learn how to be more independent and self-directed as a student and young adult.

  • Pursue your potential - its no secret that our A-level results are among the best in the country. Why? Because we are unrelenting in helping our students realise their academic potential and discover a love of learning, one that stays with them well beyond their Sixth Form years.

  • Discover a diverse world - we are proud that our Sixth Form reflects the community it finds itself in - one with diverse people, backgrounds and perspectives. What's more, we are keen to celebrate the diversity of our world and help our students broaden their view of it.

  • Prepare for the next adventure - we pride ourselves on ensuring that each student who leaves our Sixth Form is prepared for the next step. For this reason, we run a comprehensive programme of careers advice and support to help our students choose their next adventure, be it university, apprenticeship or employment

  • Be part of a true community - the word "community" may be somewhat overused, but for us this best describes the environment for our Sixth Formers, The culture we have created is one marked by comradery and inclusion, where the words "I've found friends for life" is a common refrain.

  • Single-sex, singe focus - as an established single-sex school, we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing students in today's world - and we are adept at helping our students to navigate them. 

  • Caring for the whole you - we know that our duty of care extends far beyond their academic learning. We take that charge seriously, providing dedicated pastoral support for each of our students, giving them a chance to discus whatever they need to with someone who truly cares.

Our Sixth Form prospectus for 2021-22

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