The leadership and management of the Headteacher, leaders across the school and the governing body, are outstanding, as is the quality of teaching at Wycombe High…

Teaching is highly effective in meeting the needs of learners and promoting rapid and sustained progress. Teachers use their expertise and excellent subject knowledge to plan lessons which engage students. Students demonstrate great enthusiasm for learning and show a high degree of ownership of their learning. The quality of teaching is outstanding." - Ofsted

Leadership Group

Headteacher – Mrs Nicola Renyard

Director of Finance and Resources – Mr Patrick Joyce

Deputy Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Person responsible for Looked After Children (LAC) – Mrs Vikki Jonsmyth-Clarke 

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Kerry Gray

Assistant Headteacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Sarah Ellis

Assistant Headteacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr Jack Rushton

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs Laura Harvey

Associate Assistant Headteacher / SENDCo – Ms Benytta Doman

Mrs Andrea Paskins – Student Support Lead

Mrs Caroline Isabelle – Matron

Mrs Emer Kelleher-Bates – Matron

Mrs Debbie Puleston & Mrs Erika Sage -Student Support Administrators  

Mrs Jane Wingrove – Sixth Form Student Support Administrator  

Art – Ms Nina Gadd

Biology – Mrs Valerie Çatalağaç

Business – Miss Allora Kingston

Economics – Mr Ming Kit Tse

Chemistry – Mr Raheel Nadeem

Computer Science – Mr John Quesnell

Design & Technology / Director of STEM – Mr Craig Nevard

Drama – Mr Simon Bellars

English – Mrs Abigail Castleton

Geography – Miss Rachel Bowles 

History – Mr Richard Binks  

Modern Foreign Languages – Mr Rafael de Souza

Latin & Classics – Mrs Clare Williams

Mathematics – Mrs Rachael Bennett

Director of Music – Mr Arthur Bell

PE & Sports – Miss Vicki Williams

Physics – Mr Raheel Nadeem

Politics & Citizenship – Mr Tom Pike

PSHEE – Mrs Lesley Woodward

Psychology – Miss Allora Kingston   

RS – Mr Dermot Kennedy

Austen – Mrs Penny Robinson
Brontë – Mr Benjamin Howells
Curie – Mrs Ruth Johnson
Nightingale – Miss Claire Saxon
Pankhurst – Mr Paul Garrett-Chapman / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Parks – Mrs Andrea Paskins / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Ms Katie Knox 

Head of Year 7 – Mrs Andrea Paskins / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ms Katie Knox & Ms Valentina Stefanille 

Head of Year 8 – Mr Paul Garrett-Chapman / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Head of Year 9 – Mrs Penny Robinson

Head of Year 10 – Mrs Ruth Johnson

Head of Year 11 – Mr Ben Howells 

Head of Year 12 – Miss Ella Calder     

Head of Year 13 – Ms Claire Saxon

Head of Sixth Form – Mrs Sarah Ellis

EA to Headteacher – Mrs Kate Killinger

HR Manager – Mrs Margaret Brookling

Facilities Manager – Mrs Diane Leahy

ICT Services Manager – Mr Steven Woodward

Mental Health Lead – Miss Laurie Garland 

Individual Needs Leader – Mrs Satpal Sunner

Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-Ordinator (SENDCo) – Ms Benytta Doman

Examinations Officer – Mrs Antonia Ashwin

Higher Education & Careers Advisor – Ms Maria Spiteri

Director of Media, Marketing & Communications  – Mr Robert Massie

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