We have a wealth of established alumnae here at Wycombe High School.  Our most recent profiles and 'Alumnae in the Mews' articles can be found on the School News pages of our website where you can filter the news by 'Guild'.  Below please find more student profiles and discover where their paths took them from school and what they are up to now.

Rachel Burden

  • Years Studied: 1987-1993
  • University Attended: Trinity College Dublin,  History and Politics, BA.
  • What are they up to now?: Rachel is now a highly successful radio presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live, presenting on their weekday breakfast show. 

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Anisha Gangotra 

  • Years Studied: 1996-2002
  • University Attended: Warwick University,  Sociology, BA.
  • What are they up to now?: Anisha now teaches Zumba regulary here at the school. She supports the MS Society and also supports the This Girl Can healthy living initiative. She was recently honoured in the Magna Carta celebrations even boarding the Queen's barge!

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Helen Bone

  • Years Studied: 1988-1995
  • University Attended: Aberystwyth University,  Geology, BSc.
  • What are they up to now?: "I am a Senior Geologist for Fairfield Energy (an oil and gas company). My role is to take a wide range of geology data acquired from drilling rigs and interpret the presence and volume of hydrocarbons. I love what I do. My job is varied, and like a detective, I have to collate all the bits of information that give me clues as to what is going on underground"

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Priya Atwal 

  • Years Studied: 2001-2008
  • University Attended: Oxford University,  History, BA. Global & Imperial History MA, PHD.
  • What are they up to now?: " I secured the role of Project Coordinator for John Hampden's heritage project. This brought me back to Marlow Hill; where I was working and teaching JHGS Sixth Formers to research and write a history of their school, as well as setting up an archive, which I was able to do using the WHS arrangements as a useful mode"

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Chantelle Hamilton

  • Years Studied: 2004-2011
  • University Attended:  Bournemouth University, Sports Science BSc.
  • What are they up to now?: A PE Teacher here at Wycobme High School “It was really weird being back as a teacher because for so long I was a student making my way up the school and now I was a member of the faculty"

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Mrs Moore

  • Years Studied: 1995-2001
  • University Attended: Bath University, Psychology, BSc. UCL, Health Psychology MSc.
  • What are they up to now?: A Sixth Form Teacher here at Wycombe High School “It’s brilliant, Wycombe High School is a lovely environment in which to work and a nice community of which to be a part. I think it’s great being a sixth form teacher because, I know this sounds a bit corny but, it is a privilege to be part of the sixth form journey of the student because it’s a time where they’re all making decisions about what they want to do in the future and there is so much going on. So it’s a real pleasure to be a part of the students’ journey at such a vital time. ​"

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Kerry Andrew

  • Years Studied: 1990-1996
  • University Attended: York University,  Music Compisition, BA, MA, PHD.
  • What are they up to now?: "I do all sorts as a composer, performer, writer and educator. I write chiefly vocal music in all forms - choral, opera, experimental - but am also really interested in community music and getting amateurs to be a part of crazy new musicmaking"

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Abigail Seager

  • Years Studied: 2003- 2010
  • University Attended: Nottingham University,  Physics, BSc.
  • What are they up to now?"I've just come to the end of two amazing years working with Warner Brothers at the Studio Tour and am due to start as a Trainee Broadcast Engineer on a graduate scheme with the BBC in September this year. "

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 Zoe Smith

  • Years Studied: 1980- 1986
  • University Attended: Oxford University, Music, BA.
  • What are they up to now?"Now, I am the Head of Ensemble Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff (RWCMD). I have been here since 1999 and I work with undergraduate and postgraduate students on many different elements across their courses, but with responsibility for chamber and large ensemble music making. "

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Miss Tara Strange

  • Years Studied: 2001- 2008
  • University Attended: Leeds University, Latin, BA. Kings College, Classics, PGCE.
  • What are they up to now?: Teaching Latin, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History at WHS! "It’s wonderful to be back and on the other side of the desk.  I was surprised by how quickly it stopped feeling ‘weird’ and just felt like being back home; almost within a few hours I felt used to being in the staffroom, although it did feel a little odd calling some of my old teachers by their first name!".

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Trishna Bharadia (nee Gangotra)

  • Years Studied: 1994-1998
  • University Attended: Manchester University,  European studies in Spanish BA.
  • What are they up to now?: She is currently an Information Analyst which involves writing abstracts for different companies, working with Latin American papers and translating for companies such as Shell if they are interested in oil abroad.  As well as this, Trishna is the editor for Asian MS Quarterly Newsletter for which she won a prestigious national award for ‘MS Volunteer of the Year’.  Trishna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2008 at the age of 28 and since then has volunteered for the MS Society’s ‘Asian MS’ support group. 

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 Miss Vicky Jewell

  • Years Studied: 2001- 2008
  • University Attended: Warwick University, Classical Civilisation, BA. 
  • What are they up to now?:  "I have just finished my degree in Classical Civilisation with 1st Class Honours.  I’ve loved my time at Warwick so much that I am staying on for a Masters in the same subject – officially Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece. I specialise particularly in the use of colour and dye in ancient art, so this is my main research subject"

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HIH Princess Ayşe Gülnev Osmanoğlu

  • Years Studied: 1984-1989
  • University Attended: Exeter University: History and Politics, BA, MA.
  • What are they up to now?: "After completing my Masters Degree, I married a man I had met while at Exeter University. Together we have built up a property business that we started while we were both still students at Exeter"   

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