Unaysah donates ‘stunning’ artwork to inspirational Music Department

During lockdown, Year 12 student Unaysah recreated her GCSE artwork on canvas to donate to the Music Department. News Crew’s Cordelia Thompson reports on the “stunning” creation. 

Having chosen the theme ‘rhythm’, Unaysah decided to create a music-based piece. She said that she loves how unique art can be, how anything can be art without any right or wrong. The task of converting an old GCSE piece onto a canvas was more complicated than it may seem, since there were a lot of things to consider – first by converting the dimensions of the A4 piece onto a much larger canvas, and then having to draw the piece out carefully before finally beginning to paint. 

As with all great masterpieces, there was a rather grave issue in the process. The painting got broken accidentally and caused Unaysah to have to start again in July. However, it took a lot less time for her to do the second time, and she said that the second chance gave her the opportunity to improve it and make it more polished. It now hangs in the music block for everyone to see.

“My inspirations were partly the blank canvasses I had lying in my room, but also my Art GCSE as I had to come up with a painting that linked itself to my theme of ‘rhythm’,” said Unaysah. “I found inspiration from the colours naturally found in nature, such as greens, blues and yellows. I decided to donate it to the Music Department because I felt it really linked in with the theme, and it wouldn’t take me much time to recreate it on a canvas. I created the painting with the intent of bringing some life and colour to the music block, and also in the hope of inspiring other people to create their own art, (and the fact that there is never any right or wrong!). I feel very happy about the response, particularly from the music teachers, who really made me feel like my painting was really something special! Many thanks to Mr Bell, Mr Kidd and Mr Davie, who encouraged me all the way.”

An awestruck Mr Kidd, who has the benefit of it enriching his beloved Music Block and gets to see the artwork every day, described it as “stunning” and “outstanding work”. We couldn’t agree more. 

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