Wycombe High Meets… BBC’s Rachel Burden

After grilling local politicians to begin our Wycombe High Meets … series, focus shifts to television and radio as Year 11 meet the BBC’s Rachel Burden. Jess Cook reports. 

During our English lesson our class had a very exciting opportunity involving Rachel Burden, a very successful former student who now works as a presenter for BBC 5 Live and has travelled the world reporting on the events of the past decade. We were all asked to pose her questions that she may not have been asked before and I think it’s fair to say we did a good job! Questions concerning the gender pay gap and how it was tackled and affected her job and relationships with colleagues brought a serious and feminist tone to the conversation, as well as stories about her time at Wycombe High which were far more light hearted. 

Over the hour we learnt how Rachel had to work her way up the hierarchy of news presenting starting from local radio stations to more prime time shows and then on to bigger stations.

By the time the BBC employed her she was well experienced in the industry, and her capability was soon acknowledged as she was asked to present the breakfast show. When asked about what she wanted to do in the future Rachel gave an answer that not all of us are used to, she said that she was happy with her job and life and had no desire to go elsewhere. I think this was really important for some of us to hear because we saw a woman similar to us that had achieved what we all want, happiness and it made that goal seem so much more achievable. 

Overall Rachel’s visit was very informative into an industry not many of us knew much about and satisfying to know that hard work is rewarded and the life we want for ourselves is achievable. 

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